Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rounding the corners

Rounding the corners of the borders and boxes, and only one more corner yet.  It is nice to have more boxes completed than I have left to fill.  That middle row I am still undecided about exactly what I am doing and I am sure they will be stitched last. 
You asked about the sampler that is the top of the blog photo.
I can show you the design that I purchased that inspired it - here - but I don't think that the inspiration has much to compare with the end result.  I wanted an alphabet sampler.  If you notice, that inspiration sampler is sometimes missing letters, mostly 'w', sometimes other letters.  It drives me crazy and I was going to have to put the missing letters all back in.  So I started drawing things out, and looking up other alphabets, and then it just morphed into my own sampler. I also wanted it to fit a standard off the shelf size of frame.  I added the lions - because I liked the motif.  So you won't find it for sale - and it is the most basic of samplers.  But it is my sampler. 

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nance henry said...

Whoa -- you did make a lot of changes to that! I like your version much better. You have a great eye for detail.