Friday, April 10, 2015

A Finish and a Start...

I am calling this one done.  Praiseworthy Stitches - Simple Gifts - Christmas.
Stitched one over one on China Pearl 28 count, with the recommended Weeks Dye flosses of Whiskey, Indian Summer, and Moss.
The motif that was really messed up was the last one - that first left side.  An extra row...easy to fix to make symmetrical - but the extra row made the center star not centered - and the little four stitch points were different from one end to the other... either put it inside or outside, but not random on the same motif. 
It only took two green, and one red to stitch this.  That means there is twice as much green as there is red in mine.  Pattern is more green heavy.  If you stitch it per the pattern, you will probably need that third green, it will be close.  I skipped a couple of hearts - just too many hearts, but I left a few.  Much as I have complained about this - I DO still like the pattern.  I think it is well balanced, well spaced.  I did enjoy stitching it, and it took me just over a week to stitch it.  I love the mottled red, and the green is fine, it is just a bit more towards mossy, which IS the thread name.  Maybe darker is too dark, and you need the contrast of the three colors.  I really don't know.  I do know I prefer it with the extra red, and less green.  Again, I know I have looked at it TOO closely for over a week, and I am not able to see the overall look anymore.
I HAVE to do my taxes, and I should not have started the last one - so starting another one before I have done taxes is ridiculous, but I have promised myself I will not stitch till dark.
It is La-D-Da - The Seven Virtues.  Something I obviously need to work on and remember.  I am changing the colors - the gray words will become dmc red 902, the little dividing lines will be gray that are red in the pattern - leftover gray from Long Dogs Do Different, blacks will remain black.  I think it will read stronger, richer.  I liked the idea of doing this and then also doing the 7 deadly sins to match it.  I had to google them, since I could only come up with a few deadly sins.  To frame them side by side - done in the same text - interesting idea, and I think quite easy.  Will have to see how well the first one goes...  The hoop is 7 inches, the box is the top half of the pattern, so it is not a large pattern.  Which will make it harder to not just pick up and sit down with it during the day.  Stitching it one over one, on 28 count Queen Anne's Lace Jobelan, which is a lightly mottled fabric, so those aren't shadows.  Floss - dmc 902, 413, 310.  When I can look at something I want to stitch and know what I want to change - and have lots of ideas, time to start stitching - but first taxes. 
And to have four finishes - actual finishes - sure hoping that continues.


Blu said...

Lovely finish. The green and red look amazing.

I'm the opposite of you! I can name all the sins easy, but I can't name a single virtue XD

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Four big finishes too! Your needle is on fire. This latest finish looks really good. Looking forward to seeing your virtues emerge. Irene xxx