Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I made the attempt to draw out the The Sins version.  The photo is of the computer drawing of the pattern.  It actually went very quickly, taking less than two hours to get this far.  I noticed that there is a big difference.  The words used in the other design are mostly more letters, where this is mostly fewer letters and therefore needs more fill.  I am not sure if that is right or wrong or just different.  I know I will always prefer the Virtues pattern to whatever I can come up with for Sins.  Now that I consider this - maybe that the letters would be in red and the rest in black make a difference.  Because the letters of the Cardinal Virtues that I listed in the last entry use more letters, I am already thinking I might prefer THAT version.  But the answer isn't to just do Virtues versions - that was not the point. 
And I just got distracted after that.

I have old tvs, and I wanted to hook up a blu-ray dvd player to them.  I figured out how to do that - and am very happy watching the results.  I have lots of dvds, just not blu-ray till now. 

I went to go see - True Story - this week at the movies.  I saw a tv short story about it, then I wanted to see the movie,  and after the movie I ordered the book to read.  I am enjoying my cheap movie day, even going by myself is just fine.  I sometimes ask silly questions of people.  I asked the girl that runs the ticket booth at the movie multiplex - there are 16 movies showing - Do you guess as people come up to the window which movie they are going to go see when you look at them?  She smiled and said - yes, she does do that.  And we both laughed and I admitted that I thought I would do that too.  I said - Do you usually guess right?  She said, she was right about half the time. 

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