Sunday, April 12, 2015

Need Some Help

Okay, I need some help.  I admit to having nearly zero knowledge about religion. 
I am really working on the companion piece to go with this one.  The material is cut.
My question comes to which word is more common - and I have no clue.
The Sins are - Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth.

But sometimes Pride is Vanity.
I can use either word - all the letters I need are in this design to do either word - but which is normal or more common???  And I understand depending on the bible version or religion or maybe just the United States version versus the European version might be more common one way or the other.  But I have no clue, and since you ladies are from all over the world - you are my best source -

Again - Anger is sometimes listed at Wrath.  Which is more common?  To me the bible used the term - God's Wrath -  I don't know if they were talking about anybody else's Wrath - or if everybody else was just Anger - so I am not sure which word to use.  Again, the letters used in this design will fit either word.  "W" isn't used, but I can flip the "M" and get a "W" that will work. 
That's the questions....
Pride Or Vanity???
Anger Or Wrath???
Just for fun - Greed is sometimes listed as Avarice or Covetousness.  I am NOT using those words, Greed works just fine for me.

The Pride versus Vanity question.  I get a bit hung up on the whole Pride and Prejudice thing.  We all take some pride in the stitching we do, the way we cook, our work, your family, your children...  I am having a bit of a problem seeing it AS a sin - and I understand it was supposed to be a bad thing in the Pride and Prejudice story.  But is it?  Vanity I can see as a bad thing - During a job interview I would certainly say I take Pride in my work or have Pride in my work - and think that was a good quality.  But Vanity - I think I lost that years ago, and I haven't met anybody seemed to be Vain...? Vane...? to have a big Vanity problem.  Vanity - isn't that where a fancy woman sits to put on her makeup???  Not a deadly sin...  So I am totally lost on which word to use.

I had to read up on religion - I wasn't sure if these were Mortal Sins or Deadly Sins - But Deadly Sins seems to be that answer.  Mortal Sins seem to have more to do with the specifics of intent.  But I could be wrong.  

So really, which word would you use???
Pride or Vanity???
Anger or Wrath???

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Blu said...

I'm familiar with it as Pride and Wrath. I've never seen Vanity used in the place of Pride, but I've seen Anger used a few times for Wrath.
The difference between Pride and Vanity (as far as I know) is that Vanity is used more for appearance. Also, it's ok to be a little proud, but not too much. There's nothing good about being vain.