Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick Update

 A quick photo update.
My stitching had just the FORG --- NESS for days - I looked at it every time convinced that one of the virtues should be forgetfulness. 
I am with you - I think the sins project should be Pride and Wrath.  So per your suggestion - it will be Pride and Wrath.  Thanks for helping.
Tuesday is  $5 movies all day.  I went to see the animated 3D movie called Home.  I was the only person in the theater.  So I got a private 3D showing.  I sat in the back for most of the show - but I had wondered what it would be like way down front.  I went to the fourth row and watched the last third from there.  3D animation is really big that close to the screen.  Then I went to see Woman In Gold about the Klimt painting.  They were both nice movies.  It did make me wish I could see the Klimt painting in person.  That is never going to happen. But the best shots filmed were certain of the painting, and on a big theater screen it was beautiful.   

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