Friday, May 8, 2015

Capital Virtues Idea

This is Capital Virtues drawn out on the computer screen, but still incomplete also.
Just as notes to myself - it is slightly wider - the V at the top shows both V versions.  Need to still add filler.  It was just a few hours to get this version.

I have been sidetracked and not actually stitching.  I finally concluded that I have probably gotten too lost in this idea, and I need to just pick up something else and stitch.  I like this version though - I just can't see it with clear ideas.  Not tossing it out- it just needs fine tuning, as does the Sins version.
I do actually have the outline boxes nearly stitched for Sins.  I have 6 of the boxes framed and the border on the bottom done and the numbers 3, 4, and 5 stitched.   I know I like it, but I am just burned out on thinking about it.  And I do want to get to this version at some point - so a break before I hate it is a good idea.

Last fall I was mowing at my mom's and I hit a skull sized rock -and it was a rock - it bent the riding mower blade.  I have the new blade - I have just never changed a blade on that mower.  I am stalling - and I know it will be like plumbing - whatever tools I take will be wrong.  I would just feel more comfortable with one of my guy friends there.  But I really hate to ask, even though I know it should not take long.  It is just that - I know how, probably - but not for sure on that mower.  But the grass just gets longer - so I have reached my deadline.  It is like the kid dreading the shot at the doctor - you dread it for weeks, and it is over in 15 minutes.

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