Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Information...

Here is more information about the cover sampler - Stuff I wanted to know about the cover sampler pattern.
They are calling it - 1816 Vierlande Sampler
It IS in two parts, and this issue is part one only.
The stitch count for the entire sampler is - 451H x 332W.
They are saying there is red as a second color - I can only see it on the photo, the pattern does not get that far.  I can only see it on the right side, half way down, the diamond motif does have a red cross in the center.  The instructions are also showing how to do a horizontal and vertical satin stitch.  I don't see where in the pattern that appears.  And backstitching.
And as a side comment - there is not always a clear spacing between motifs.  At times they run together. 
Parts or stitching missing from the original - for example - the larger alphabet second row is missing letters, but they are shown again as part of the pattern.  I can not say for sure that the border will continue all the way around the pattern even though it is not shown that way in the photo, I tend to think it will, where the border is missing in the upper right corner - it has been shown as completed again in the pattern. 
Stuff like that is what I wanted to know.  Oh, and the cover price for the magazine is $10.

And I did stitch last night.  And I saw the movie - Far from the Madding Crowd - today. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing that cover sampler -- I'll have to go buy that issue for certain. I love Vierlande samplers. So fun to play with the colors! I look forward to seeing how you approach it!