Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sad Little Photo

Sad little photo, but I have not been stitching.  I picked up and started the capital virtues idea. 
I feel I can stitch at least the bottom few rows.  Once I have a word stitched, I can tell them apart.

I FINALLY got the mower blade changed on my mom's rider mower today.  I borrowed one of the guys to help me.  I guessed wrong about which wrenches we needed.  So all the tools we took were too big - but we had enough to make it work and get the blade off and the new one on.  Having the mower tipped up causes the oil to run where it should not, then the mower smokes if you start it right away.  The battery is also dead, but I can change that, and it will start pretty easy with just the pull rope, which some mowers are a pain to start that way.  It did want to drip gasoline while tipped up, but we were able to tip it just slightly less, and then it was fine.  So borrowing him from his wife for just over an hour - really made my life better again.  SO much better again.  I will be fine and I can do stuff on my own without bugging the guys.  I go till I just feel I have jumped over all the hurdles I can, then I ask the guys, and they push over the hurdles I need and it boosts me back up to where I can manage on my own again. 

I should be getting lots of stitching done - I am having trouble sleeping.  I am up ALL night.  I try to go to sleep when I get tired, which used to be 4 am - but now I can't get comfortable.  This morning it was 4 hours trying to fall asleep.  It was 8:30 am before I was able to fall asleep.  I then have no problem sleeping - I sleep just fine and don't wake up - but then it was 3pm when I woke up.   And it makes for a weird day.  But I could be stitching all night long, and I end up playing computer solitaire, which is just easier than stitching.  I have been trying to listen to more audiobooks, but I find my mind wanders, and then I have to listen to sections again.  I am not sure if it is just age - or late in the day I am listening, or just a boring book that my mind wanders since the plots is slow in parts.  I can start yawning at 10:30 at night - but falling asleep, seems to be another matter.  I thought part of it was that I just was doing nothing during my awake hours to make me tired - I expected once spring came and I had to do more - then I would sleep better, and I have not hit that point yet.  I know we all sleep after a day working outside - but I am not outside like that yet, and days are short if you don't start till 3 pm.  I

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