Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep - sorry, but just too good of a title to waste.
And this is after a night of stitching. 
The official sheep count so far - 11.
I have no clue how many there are.  I am happy that the substitute fleece floss appears to work.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sheep note...

A quick note to say I got the pattern dmc 3865 suggested.  Yeah, it is fleece color but it disappears into the fabric.  Just too light.  So I am trying dmc 168, which is a bit more silver / gray.  Above I have stitched just a few sheep, and I think it is fine.  But if I don't write the number here - in a day I will drop the floss into the sofa never to be found again, and not have a clue what the number was.

And the colors on the house - dmc 221 is the red, 310 black, 3790 window sides, which is also the odd color sheep floss color.

A New Stitching Project

This is what 4 hours of stitching gets me.  If you can see the one sheep - you can maybe also see the four nearly invisible sheep standing nearby. 
It is the number 3 pattern of the Jardin Prive 4 part sampler Histoires de Moutons. 

Naturally I am going to screw this up.  I have wanted to stitch one from this designer.  I like this sampler, but I am just as happy with just the first three parts as a unit.  The fourth is fine - I just don't feel it adds to it for my eye.  So I ordered just 1-3.  I am using a scrap of lambswool 28 count jobelan, stitching one over one.  The sheep are invisible at the moment because it calls out for all dmc floss, and just dmc floss, but the white is dmc 3865, which I don't have.  That grass and the box colors are different - but my eye has a tough time telling the difference just looking at the floss.  A brown verses a green that is not very green.  But I am going with the suggested 13 colors. 

Since it was just a scrap piece of fabric - it was big enough to do the entire 4 pattern design.  I left my options open to adding the fourth pattern at the end.  I just had to take a few more minutes to figure out where my start point should be to allow for the open spacing.   It all just seems really tiny so far. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Better color photo

The other photo with the color so off just bugged me.  So this one is closer in color.  A dusty pink.
Now I can measure and think about the next stitching thing.  It is going to rain here - so stitching is okay to think about if I can't mow. 

A Quick Finish

Still not dusty rose looking material in this photo, but this is closer with no flash.
A finish. 
The alphabet is the top half of the pattern Halloween Eve from Blackbird Designs. 
I thought it was something different till I walked past the sampler that is in a photo at the top of this blog.  Then I noticed on the middle right side, the same alphabet.  Oh well. As I said before, the trick was to get the needle back in my hand.  Finished in just two nights of stitching.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Chase is OVER

As reported before, the local shop was supposed to call me to tell me if they could get a chart.  I heard nothing from them.  So today I went back.  They asked if they could help me.  I explained I was the one looking for the chart - the one you were supposed to call back.  She knew nothing about  a note.  So I was waiting for a call that was never going to come. 

So I came home and later called the place I thought might have the chart - they said they were super busy - could they call me back?  Sure.

I see a trend here.

I don't have a problem with them taking care of the customers in store first.  I am sometimes that customer too.  But I don't want to be that lost note again.  I had given her a list of three patterns I was hoping she had - so she could look before calling me back.  I said I was understanding and just call me back when things calm back down a little.  I understand.

And she DID call me back.  She had the first chart I was looking for in her hand.  She had the second chart I was looking for in her hand.  I was pretty sure the other one was out of print - and she didn't have it, but will check.  And because I was getting some charts, I asked if they would get me a chart that came out just yesterday.  Sure.

So the chase is OVER.  I am not going after old charts anymore. 

I have noticed I have one new issue lately.  It seem to be messing up on details.  I typed my own email address wrong in an order for instance.  I messed up a designer name - today.  I messed up noticing the thread count before cutting the material yesterday.  Nothing deadly, just little things.  But it seems to be repeating - and repeating things are usually something I should notice.  So I am not sure if it is just things not falling my way - and that would be normal.  A good run, then a not so good run.  But I usually get details right - so this feels strange.  And if I am noticing just the odd things I have messed up - I wonder what I have really messed up and have totally missed.

And The Photo

Hours later, this is the result. 
Turns out it is easier to start a simple stitching project than it is to clean the stitching room.
It is stitched on a dusty rose 25 count lugana, and just dmc black floss, one over one.  (photo shows it too light with the flash)   Just using the top part of a larger pattern, and will mirror the top border to finish the bottom stopping point.
I just wanted something simple to get the needle back into my hand.  A project that I could finish.

Friday, July 24, 2015

A New Day... back to basics...

A New Day, but a very late start to a new day...

I have not heard back from the local stitching store.  I looked at ALL the shops on the Hoffman list of shops on-line for that pattern.  I went to another online shop and put $100 worth of floss into a cart to do just 6 patterns...
I looked through my computer pattern stash - and I came up with a new plan.
Back to basics.  I went to the shop cart with the $100 worth of floss and clicked delete.  

I just need black floss and I found a basic pattern that is part of a fancy pattern.  I have black floss.
I have to do the math yet, I have to cut the material yet.  But I know what I want to stitch.  And I have a plan, and next time I WILL have a start photo.  And it is just an alphabet, nothing fancy, but not a crazy dull just primitive type alphabet.  It is not a new design or pattern.

Cleaning the sewing room - not so much.  I did clean part of the house expecting I might have company for a night or two.  That involved closing the sewing room door.  They came to my town but did not need to stay with me.  The corn guy is now on the corner - I got a dozen from him and he gives you 14 in his dozen.  I ate 11 ears that first night with a stick and a half of real butter.  And I still lost a pound of weight.  It is insanely good with very tender young kernals.  He really is the dope dealer in overalls for me.  The heat wave has broken, and I need to stitch.  I actually NEED to mow the grass - but it rained today.  I want to spend time with a needle in my hand again.  That is the plan.

Sure beats the heck out of that plan to clean that sewing room.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Chase...

I think we have all done this...
You see a stitched design, and decide it is lovely.  Lovely enough that you want the pattern because now you have seen it - IN PERSON - making it much worse - because you know it is truly lovely finished.  And you spend a night on the computer trying to figure out the pattern designer, and the pattern name.  And then you learn it has been out of print since maybe 2009. 

But the stitched one you saw - that lovely finished one - it was on the local needle shop wall.  If they have it up as a sample - they must still have the pattern.  ( Don't ask why I didn't ask the first trip who the designer was, and the title of the pattern, I was there searching for another chase item...  )  So I go back today.  I spent all last night looking online for it, learning the designer and pattern name.  My local shop has old odd unsold patterns - it is indeed possible they will have that pattern.  I tell the shop owner - I want that pattern, point me in a direction to search.  She gets the number, goes to the drawer - looks - but there is no pattern in the folder.  It says in her inventory that they do have one of that pattern.  So it is sort of up in the air.  Do they and it is just mis-placed by a customer perhaps not putting back in the same spot?  They will need more if they only have one, so they will call me tomorrow night.  Her daughter does ordering and inventory - so I need to wait for her. 

So I am chasing something that is no longer in print - I spent enough time online to know that they were selling this pattern earlier this year - through just ONE shop - and it is a local shop to where the designer lives.  But that is it.  So I am pretty sure I CAN get it.  Maybe.

But it is always something like this - trying to track down a floss - or a bead - or something we saw that is long ago out of print as a pattern.  And yes, people search the auction sites - and this pattern is not there.  And yes, I could say the pattern name - but it really doesn't matter - I have done this over and over again.  Some of it is just like a bloodhound on a scent - can I find it?, like it is a twisted challenge. 

And I was looking for silk floss for another pattern before buying that pattern - it was a silk that I had never heard of.  That is why I started looking at the samplers on the wall - they had 2 of the 6 colors of silk, but I had already spent a night or two looking at needlepoint silk - because it was not the usual cross stitch silks.  It finally seemed like I could spend over $50 to stitch something that might be the size of a saucer plate or smaller.  I thought I just have to find something I like as well or better to distract me.  And it was hanging on the wall.  And I looked it up online because it has lots of text.  I could not read it from a distance.  It is religious - and I am not against religious - it could have listed ingredients for a cake - it is just lovely.  Online I could find it and read the text.  I thought it might put me off it, but it is that overall effect that I love.  Seeing it in person was the hook I couldn't avoid.

But this is the last time I am falling in love with something that is a hassle to track down.  I have other things to stitch that I can fall in love with that are in my stash.  But I know we have all done it.  Searched, deciding we wanted a pattern that is out-of-print.  Knowing there IS probably one in a store - but where.  That is a twisted sick challenge, and it becomes a chase to find it.
I am drawing the line in the sand.  This is my last chase. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Still Stuck....

Still stuck, and the heat of summer is not helping.
I do not have air conditioning.  I am not against air conditioning, but mine had problems, it always needed fixing, I could either replace it, or I could just buy a fan and be miserable a few days.  I bought several fans - I choose miserable.  I do not have to go to a job after a miserable night of not sleeping.  If I was working - it would have been replaced.  It is a choice.  I have lived this way for over 15 years.  This does however drive people I know crazy.  
Most days do not bother me - but lately have been those few miserable days.  But I also know - if I had air conditioning - once it came on, it would never go off.  That is mostly the reason for my choice of not having air conditioning.  

So I did get the new quilt pins - that star wall hanging is off the wall, pins have been rearranged and it is ready to go back up.  The smoke detector batteries were changed.  The base liner sheet for my bedspread has had the hems restitch.  Then it got hot.

I did find a couple of cross stitch patterns to order - maybe I just need something different to stitch.

I have NOT given up.  I am thinking of this more as a pause for the heat and humidity to pass.  Laundry and dishes and light house cleaning are still getting done.  I even had inspiration to clean out an underwear drawer.  I have no clue why - but rearranging and tossing a few things from just that one drawer always makes life a little better for me.  Which shows I really should find more friends and get out of the house more.  The next high point is that the local sweet corn should be on every corner sold out of the backs of pick up trucks soon.  Like dope dealers in overalls.  I have frozen butter, real butter, waiting...

But mostly - I just need the weather to be less miserable.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Things have to change.  I am stuck in a rut.  I need to be held accountable.  So I am trying something new today.  Not tomorrow.  TODAY.
I have not been stitching - I should be stitching.  The closest I have come was to take the crocheted bedspread that has a sheet liner attached and to use a seam ripper to make them two separate things again.  I washed it and the crochet tightened up lots more than the sheet shrunk.  I compare it to having a pair of pants that fit while wearing underwear 10 sizes too big.  There just was too much sheet wrinkling under the crochet.  I need to sew the hem seams back again to the sheet, but that is easy, quick, straight stitching around the outside twice.  It is one the list to do...

But I am just messed up, and I know it.  I want to clean up the sewing room.  It got stashed with things, as did every room, when I cleared out my parents house with stuff to bring home.  And I add to the mess.  So today I am going in...  with before photos...

The view from the hallway... looking in..

The view with a step into the room.... and to the middle of the room...

And the view across the table of nonsense to the hallway wall stepping into the room.  That  table contains not only a sewing machine and also a complete computer system, but stuff I can no longer find obviously...  There are quilt pins on that star quilt on the wall.  I want to go get this years pins, but I have no clue if I got last years pins... so I would like to be able to get to it, just to look - but I can't.  Really, I can't.

So I am going in...  today,   now....
If I am never seen again - you will know the story.
And I am going in with an empty garbage bag and hope - lots of hope.

*Update* hours later....
I did get to the other side of the room, and I have put a few things away.  Not tackled the table yet - a few things - glass items of my mother's in boxes were moved to another room.  This is going to take DAYS....  BUT - I at least TRIED to do something to make a difference today.  And I did stick with it for hours.  But as all women know, you start to put something away, which leads you off into putting other things away in other rooms,  and that is happening to me too. 
AND - I did turn on an audiobook that I was only halfway done with.  NOW I have finished that.  I promise there will be after photos if I can get that far....  I know there is more stuff in that room than can actually fit in that room.  I just am not sure how that part will work yet.  I know the answer is - something will have to go...