Friday, July 24, 2015

A New Day... back to basics...

A New Day, but a very late start to a new day...

I have not heard back from the local stitching store.  I looked at ALL the shops on the Hoffman list of shops on-line for that pattern.  I went to another online shop and put $100 worth of floss into a cart to do just 6 patterns...
I looked through my computer pattern stash - and I came up with a new plan.
Back to basics.  I went to the shop cart with the $100 worth of floss and clicked delete.  

I just need black floss and I found a basic pattern that is part of a fancy pattern.  I have black floss.
I have to do the math yet, I have to cut the material yet.  But I know what I want to stitch.  And I have a plan, and next time I WILL have a start photo.  And it is just an alphabet, nothing fancy, but not a crazy dull just primitive type alphabet.  It is not a new design or pattern.

Cleaning the sewing room - not so much.  I did clean part of the house expecting I might have company for a night or two.  That involved closing the sewing room door.  They came to my town but did not need to stay with me.  The corn guy is now on the corner - I got a dozen from him and he gives you 14 in his dozen.  I ate 11 ears that first night with a stick and a half of real butter.  And I still lost a pound of weight.  It is insanely good with very tender young kernals.  He really is the dope dealer in overalls for me.  The heat wave has broken, and I need to stitch.  I actually NEED to mow the grass - but it rained today.  I want to spend time with a needle in my hand again.  That is the plan.

Sure beats the heck out of that plan to clean that sewing room.

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