Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A New Stitching Project

This is what 4 hours of stitching gets me.  If you can see the one sheep - you can maybe also see the four nearly invisible sheep standing nearby. 
It is the number 3 pattern of the Jardin Prive 4 part sampler Histoires de Moutons. 

Naturally I am going to screw this up.  I have wanted to stitch one from this designer.  I like this sampler, but I am just as happy with just the first three parts as a unit.  The fourth is fine - I just don't feel it adds to it for my eye.  So I ordered just 1-3.  I am using a scrap of lambswool 28 count jobelan, stitching one over one.  The sheep are invisible at the moment because it calls out for all dmc floss, and just dmc floss, but the white is dmc 3865, which I don't have.  That grass and the box colors are different - but my eye has a tough time telling the difference just looking at the floss.  A brown verses a green that is not very green.  But I am going with the suggested 13 colors. 

Since it was just a scrap piece of fabric - it was big enough to do the entire 4 pattern design.  I left my options open to adding the fourth pattern at the end.  I just had to take a few more minutes to figure out where my start point should be to allow for the open spacing.   It all just seems really tiny so far. 

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Robin said...

You are off to a good start. Like the house; what colors did you use for it?

Robin in Virginia