Friday, July 17, 2015

Still Stuck....

Still stuck, and the heat of summer is not helping.
I do not have air conditioning.  I am not against air conditioning, but mine had problems, it always needed fixing, I could either replace it, or I could just buy a fan and be miserable a few days.  I bought several fans - I choose miserable.  I do not have to go to a job after a miserable night of not sleeping.  If I was working - it would have been replaced.  It is a choice.  I have lived this way for over 15 years.  This does however drive people I know crazy.  
Most days do not bother me - but lately have been those few miserable days.  But I also know - if I had air conditioning - once it came on, it would never go off.  That is mostly the reason for my choice of not having air conditioning.  

So I did get the new quilt pins - that star wall hanging is off the wall, pins have been rearranged and it is ready to go back up.  The smoke detector batteries were changed.  The base liner sheet for my bedspread has had the hems restitch.  Then it got hot.

I did find a couple of cross stitch patterns to order - maybe I just need something different to stitch.

I have NOT given up.  I am thinking of this more as a pause for the heat and humidity to pass.  Laundry and dishes and light house cleaning are still getting done.  I even had inspiration to clean out an underwear drawer.  I have no clue why - but rearranging and tossing a few things from just that one drawer always makes life a little better for me.  Which shows I really should find more friends and get out of the house more.  The next high point is that the local sweet corn should be on every corner sold out of the backs of pick up trucks soon.  Like dope dealers in overalls.  I have frozen butter, real butter, waiting...

But mostly - I just need the weather to be less miserable.

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