Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Chase is OVER

As reported before, the local shop was supposed to call me to tell me if they could get a chart.  I heard nothing from them.  So today I went back.  They asked if they could help me.  I explained I was the one looking for the chart - the one you were supposed to call back.  She knew nothing about  a note.  So I was waiting for a call that was never going to come. 

So I came home and later called the place I thought might have the chart - they said they were super busy - could they call me back?  Sure.

I see a trend here.

I don't have a problem with them taking care of the customers in store first.  I am sometimes that customer too.  But I don't want to be that lost note again.  I had given her a list of three patterns I was hoping she had - so she could look before calling me back.  I said I was understanding and just call me back when things calm back down a little.  I understand.

And she DID call me back.  She had the first chart I was looking for in her hand.  She had the second chart I was looking for in her hand.  I was pretty sure the other one was out of print - and she didn't have it, but will check.  And because I was getting some charts, I asked if they would get me a chart that came out just yesterday.  Sure.

So the chase is OVER.  I am not going after old charts anymore. 

I have noticed I have one new issue lately.  It seem to be messing up on details.  I typed my own email address wrong in an order for instance.  I messed up a designer name - today.  I messed up noticing the thread count before cutting the material yesterday.  Nothing deadly, just little things.  But it seems to be repeating - and repeating things are usually something I should notice.  So I am not sure if it is just things not falling my way - and that would be normal.  A good run, then a not so good run.  But I usually get details right - so this feels strange.  And if I am noticing just the odd things I have messed up - I wonder what I have really messed up and have totally missed.

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