Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Chase...

I think we have all done this...
You see a stitched design, and decide it is lovely.  Lovely enough that you want the pattern because now you have seen it - IN PERSON - making it much worse - because you know it is truly lovely finished.  And you spend a night on the computer trying to figure out the pattern designer, and the pattern name.  And then you learn it has been out of print since maybe 2009. 

But the stitched one you saw - that lovely finished one - it was on the local needle shop wall.  If they have it up as a sample - they must still have the pattern.  ( Don't ask why I didn't ask the first trip who the designer was, and the title of the pattern, I was there searching for another chase item...  )  So I go back today.  I spent all last night looking online for it, learning the designer and pattern name.  My local shop has old odd unsold patterns - it is indeed possible they will have that pattern.  I tell the shop owner - I want that pattern, point me in a direction to search.  She gets the number, goes to the drawer - looks - but there is no pattern in the folder.  It says in her inventory that they do have one of that pattern.  So it is sort of up in the air.  Do they and it is just mis-placed by a customer perhaps not putting back in the same spot?  They will need more if they only have one, so they will call me tomorrow night.  Her daughter does ordering and inventory - so I need to wait for her. 

So I am chasing something that is no longer in print - I spent enough time online to know that they were selling this pattern earlier this year - through just ONE shop - and it is a local shop to where the designer lives.  But that is it.  So I am pretty sure I CAN get it.  Maybe.

But it is always something like this - trying to track down a floss - or a bead - or something we saw that is long ago out of print as a pattern.  And yes, people search the auction sites - and this pattern is not there.  And yes, I could say the pattern name - but it really doesn't matter - I have done this over and over again.  Some of it is just like a bloodhound on a scent - can I find it?, like it is a twisted challenge. 

And I was looking for silk floss for another pattern before buying that pattern - it was a silk that I had never heard of.  That is why I started looking at the samplers on the wall - they had 2 of the 6 colors of silk, but I had already spent a night or two looking at needlepoint silk - because it was not the usual cross stitch silks.  It finally seemed like I could spend over $50 to stitch something that might be the size of a saucer plate or smaller.  I thought I just have to find something I like as well or better to distract me.  And it was hanging on the wall.  And I looked it up online because it has lots of text.  I could not read it from a distance.  It is religious - and I am not against religious - it could have listed ingredients for a cake - it is just lovely.  Online I could find it and read the text.  I thought it might put me off it, but it is that overall effect that I love.  Seeing it in person was the hook I couldn't avoid.

But this is the last time I am falling in love with something that is a hassle to track down.  I have other things to stitch that I can fall in love with that are in my stash.  But I know we have all done it.  Searched, deciding we wanted a pattern that is out-of-print.  Knowing there IS probably one in a store - but where.  That is a twisted sick challenge, and it becomes a chase to find it.
I am drawing the line in the sand.  This is my last chase. 

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