Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stitching Away

Worked on this just a little more - but I just couldn't stay seated and stitching.
So... I started something else, but it was not what I planned to stitch next, it was just what I had the floss in a bag for.

I have spent several nights stitching this already, and it sure looks like nothing looking at this photo.
I do enough in the box to establish the box borders.  This is Carriage House - Houses of Hawks Run Hollow.  I saw the other one from this series stitched up as a sample on the wall at the local needlework shop, but I had the floss for this one, not that one.  Stitching on 28 count Queen Anne's Lace jobelan, with the suggested dmc floss, one over one.  I felt I was moving along on this - till I saw this photo.  This is kinda sad looking.

I got the floss colors suggested for the Gibson Girl pattern.  The darkest brown are very different.  The next darkest brown is also different.  The others seem pretty close.  I am confused since the pattern sure suggests black / gray, but the floss is brown / cream.  I will be curious what this looks like, but I am sure it will be started on a whim. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rounding the Corners

Rounding the corners, so hopefully the border meets where it should.
I messed up my count in a couple of spots, not the border, but just a stitch here and another stitch there.  So I adjust a stitch here and there to get things back into place.  I can still screw this up really bad. 

I got an email saying the silk floss I ordered is finally on the way.  Took nearly a month from the order date till it will arrive at my door.  I don't know if any of the fabric I have will work till I can lay the floss across it.

Stupid things I have done lately?  I mowed my moms gravel driveway.  I mowed it really low to kill the weeds, tossing lots of gravel, more than I realized.  It worked really well.  Then days after I did this - I noticed there are dents in my car and car paint.  I threw rocks into my car and dented my car in several places.  Luckily my car is a 2008, so nothing new that I am just sick about.  I am just sick it was pure stupidity in doing something I didn't have to do. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Bit More

Distracted by shopping on-line, but the good news was I ordered nothing.  I stitched the white vine berries with a purple mulberry from Weeks Dye floss.  The mulberry from Gentle Art is more red.  Changing a few colors here and there. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Happened?

This is what happened when I think about the next project and think about looking in the floss stash for one skein I saw a week ago.  I was making up the floss list I still needed, turns out, I already had the floss for this.  If you nearly order the same floss twice, probably time to just start the project.

Blackbird Designs, 5 part Mystery Sampler.  Starting here with part 5.  I am stitching it on antique white 28 count, one over one, suggested floss, but the white doesn't show, so the berries will be something else.  Not doing the fancy stitches - already omitting stitches off the birds to please my eye.  Always liked this pattern and wanted to stitch it, so far, so good. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Binge Stitching

The pattern says you need two skeins to do the text and the green vine areas.  This shows how far I got with just one skein in the text area.  I am already thinking about what to stitch next, but I will finish as much of this as I can, so I couple of cherubs and a bee hive, and a little more text yet to stitch.  All I can do till I get more floss.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving Right Along

It is coming right along.  I am using just the floss I have, and running out of areas I can stitch missing 8 colors.  I will order more, but not till I get those other patterns and can do one floss order while it is on sale.
I started watching a show on Netflix - and it is 80 episodes, so lots of stitching while binge watching the first 13 episodes, then from 13 to 32.  At 42 minutes per show average, it is keeping me at the needle.  A night or two more on this yet.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another night of stitching

After another night of stitching. 
That third line from the bottom, the text was altered and shifted by just two threads to make all the letters and spacing uniform.  I just have to remember to not start the border off of that point or the text above it.  I have no clue about what name I want to use as part of this.  A family member - or someone like Jane Austen seems just as likely to appear.  I am not lacking names to use, but maybe as it finishes it will be more obvious, or this will end sooner than later with a big empty area.

Still enjoying stitching this.  I will admit that I messed up my count on the SECOND strand of floss.  That is not a good start to a project.  I noticed it before I started the third strand of floss but to have to frog that early was not a good sign.  I also messed up when the borders had to meet.  But again where I messed up was right at that point, so I only had to frog 6 stitches - not a miscount that was eight strands of floss before.  So I have been lucky in my mistakes, and I have been able to fix them in just minutes.

I ordered the out-of-print chart 3 weeks ago.  I asked about three charts, they had two, another I was sure was most likely out-of-print and not being sold.  When they said they had two, I asked if they would also get me the one that had came out the day before.  So I knew it could take a week to get the new chart, so after three weeks, I was starting to wonder.  She said that the designer was in the shop a week or two before and had said she was willing to get that third out of print chart for the store and fill my request.  Something I did not even think was possible.  But you can't make somebody do something in a timely manner was the store's response, so they were still waiting, and I was still waiting.  But they had not gotten the new chart in that time either, which seems a bit wonky.  So I said I would just expect them when I saw them in my mailbox.  But at least I am not wondering why they never were sent.  I have been through enough to know there are no stitching emergencies, life has priority.  If I never get them - that is okay too.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Page One Finished

A new start - and page one done.
Midsummer Nights Designs - Memorial Sampler.
Six pages total - this is after two days of stitching.  On 28 count antique ivory - one over one, using suggested floss.  The floss has sort of a brown cast, and works softly against the ivory material.  

An old pattern that I discovered and bought while on search for the out-of-print pattern from the same designer.  I don't have all the floss but I felt if I got four colors I could do most of the border and the text.  So far I have really enjoyed stitching this, and the results. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Second Part of the Pattern...

The second part of the  cover pattern, Vierlande Sampler 1816 is in the newest Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine.  So I am posting a photo of both covers.  Went to get floss and asked if they had it, and she said they had just put it out today. 

The between project...

The top was what I had finished as of Dec 27, 2014
The bottom is as of today. 
It is more of a white fabric with 815 dmc, more like the top photo.

I had stitched the upper right corner at some point.  I started this time in the lower left working across the bottom.  Three corners are established.  I am making little changes all the time - but since layout is based on placement off of other letters, I have to keep track of points that are not changing to count off of for the next letter placement.  Some of the pattern letters just look goofy.  I will omit some and then replace them with others at the end.  I can stitch points that I am not changing and then work from there.  I both love this project and hate this project. 
I am stitching it because C is for Charlie - but the pattern seems to be just as frustrating as Charlie.  I do like that there is a phoenix in the pattern since I always felt Charlie would bloom from the boy into an incredible man.  But at the end of our multiple conversations - he just confused the crap out of me.   Life is too short to deal with men like that.  See Ya Charlie.  May you arise from the ashes next time to be a better man. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Calling it done

Well, I finished the first three sections of the Histoires de Moutons pattern from Jardin Prive.
I changed a few small things, nothing really worth mentioning.  I still think it finished fine without that fourth pattern.  But there is enough material, I can add it if I change my mind later.  It will just be tossed onto the unframed finished pile of stitching. 

I noticed this is an interesting optical illusion.  I just laid the new pattern next to the finish stitching.  And you look at the pattern and assume that it is a full page of paper, and that gives you an idea about the size of the finished stitching.  But that pattern is a page folded over in half, and tipped on end.  The stitching finished at 5 inches by 9 inches for these three sections.   So a sheet of paper folded in half covers the design, but not quite from end to end.  That gives you a better idea of size.

I got the pattern in the mail for Gibson Girl today.  This is the pattern that uses Planet Earth silk that I was having trouble finding that matched the numbers.  I have the silks on order now, they have not shipped yet.  The pattern shows conversions to dmc numbers, which means chasing down $30 worth of floss might have been something I could have avoided.  But I am curious enough about the silk to want to stitch it with the silks suggested.  An expensive whim that I probably would not have done if I had gotten the pattern first.   I am not sure if I will stitch it next or wait for the silk, or just look at the dmc color conversions to see them out of curiosity.  But this is the pattern that I blew off buying to chase the out-of-print chart that I saw on the wall in the store.  In the end I got both, and ordered the stupid silk floss.  But this chart is the only thing that has shown up so far.

What more than likely will happen is spending a few hours stitching something I already have started in hopes of finishing one old project after finishing one new project.  Sheep was a new project - so next has to be something old and already started.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sheep Count - 27

Sheep Count - 27
Just one more sheep to finish - and then the rest of the details. 
I will be ready to change patterns when I finish this section.  I am okay with the design without that fourth section.  I am already thinking about what to stitch next. I expected to get a pattern in the mail today, but it did not arrive, and the tracking number showed it last leaving Georgia three days ago.  It is the pattern that I ordered all the silk floss for, but that is not shipped yet from some other state.  What did we used to do before we could all watch packages and mail go from one state to another? 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sheep Fleeces

17 is the sheep count so far.
Nearly done with the second pattern, just one more sheep fleece, and it only took me a day.  Which means I did nothing else but stitch and finish a 14 hour audiobook.  Two days with lots of stitching probably means I need to mow and not stitch.  That little blue house is supposed to have black windows and I just couldn't do it.  I'd rather pretend the lights are on...  some goofy woman inside stitching sheep patterns....

Monday, August 3, 2015

Finished the first section

A finish of the first section, which is really the third section, since I stitch from lower right to upper left.  I am left handed.  Followed the pattern, added and omitted a few stitches here and there.  Sheep count so far - 15.
Next will be the second pattern, and I am stitching it where suggested.  Only three sheep in the second pattern.  Part 3 finished at 5.25 inches by 3.75 inches.

Sheep Counting - 14

And the official sheep count grows by three to 14.  There is only one more sheep on this part of the pattern, and a tree.  This section will finish up to be about the size of a postcard.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I am organizing my dmc floss.  The stuff that never gets put away after a project.  I spent a whole night at that, and I am not done yet. 

I know I am going to need to order that more expensive floss for a couple patterns, and I need to make a working list of what I already have.  It is too expensive to repeat too many colors by accident.  But the dmc floss not being put away just adds to the confusion, and I am considering that it is part of cleaning up the sewing room. 

I do have a stitching confession to make.  I said I was looking for a weird silk needlepoint floss when I started to chase that out-of-print pattern.  I chose out-of-print pattern instead, and that I would forget about the pattern that needed the silks.  I did. 
Then yesterday an email popped up with their needlepoint site sale - and I went and looked again at the silk floss to price it and to see if I could figure it out.  I ended up ordering what I think is the silk floss that will work.  I then went and ordered the pattern.  I tried to look up the pattern, it is old, somebody should have stitched it by now - I thought somebody would have written about stitching it - nope.  Nobody.  Which is weird.  So I am curious about it, and if the floss ever shows up - I will give it a try at stitching it.  I think it is a lovely pattern, and something different.  I am hoping it is just the fact that the floss suggested is needlepoint silk, not cross stitch silk, maybe that stopped others from stitching it, not that the pattern is just awful.