Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another night of stitching

After another night of stitching. 
That third line from the bottom, the text was altered and shifted by just two threads to make all the letters and spacing uniform.  I just have to remember to not start the border off of that point or the text above it.  I have no clue about what name I want to use as part of this.  A family member - or someone like Jane Austen seems just as likely to appear.  I am not lacking names to use, but maybe as it finishes it will be more obvious, or this will end sooner than later with a big empty area.

Still enjoying stitching this.  I will admit that I messed up my count on the SECOND strand of floss.  That is not a good start to a project.  I noticed it before I started the third strand of floss but to have to frog that early was not a good sign.  I also messed up when the borders had to meet.  But again where I messed up was right at that point, so I only had to frog 6 stitches - not a miscount that was eight strands of floss before.  So I have been lucky in my mistakes, and I have been able to fix them in just minutes.

I ordered the out-of-print chart 3 weeks ago.  I asked about three charts, they had two, another I was sure was most likely out-of-print and not being sold.  When they said they had two, I asked if they would also get me the one that had came out the day before.  So I knew it could take a week to get the new chart, so after three weeks, I was starting to wonder.  She said that the designer was in the shop a week or two before and had said she was willing to get that third out of print chart for the store and fill my request.  Something I did not even think was possible.  But you can't make somebody do something in a timely manner was the store's response, so they were still waiting, and I was still waiting.  But they had not gotten the new chart in that time either, which seems a bit wonky.  So I said I would just expect them when I saw them in my mailbox.  But at least I am not wondering why they never were sent.  I have been through enough to know there are no stitching emergencies, life has priority.  If I never get them - that is okay too.

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