Monday, August 10, 2015

Calling it done

Well, I finished the first three sections of the Histoires de Moutons pattern from Jardin Prive.
I changed a few small things, nothing really worth mentioning.  I still think it finished fine without that fourth pattern.  But there is enough material, I can add it if I change my mind later.  It will just be tossed onto the unframed finished pile of stitching. 

I noticed this is an interesting optical illusion.  I just laid the new pattern next to the finish stitching.  And you look at the pattern and assume that it is a full page of paper, and that gives you an idea about the size of the finished stitching.  But that pattern is a page folded over in half, and tipped on end.  The stitching finished at 5 inches by 9 inches for these three sections.   So a sheet of paper folded in half covers the design, but not quite from end to end.  That gives you a better idea of size.

I got the pattern in the mail for Gibson Girl today.  This is the pattern that uses Planet Earth silk that I was having trouble finding that matched the numbers.  I have the silks on order now, they have not shipped yet.  The pattern shows conversions to dmc numbers, which means chasing down $30 worth of floss might have been something I could have avoided.  But I am curious enough about the silk to want to stitch it with the silks suggested.  An expensive whim that I probably would not have done if I had gotten the pattern first.   I am not sure if I will stitch it next or wait for the silk, or just look at the dmc color conversions to see them out of curiosity.  But this is the pattern that I blew off buying to chase the out-of-print chart that I saw on the wall in the store.  In the end I got both, and ordered the stupid silk floss.  But this chart is the only thing that has shown up so far.

What more than likely will happen is spending a few hours stitching something I already have started in hopes of finishing one old project after finishing one new project.  Sheep was a new project - so next has to be something old and already started.

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