Saturday, August 1, 2015


I am organizing my dmc floss.  The stuff that never gets put away after a project.  I spent a whole night at that, and I am not done yet. 

I know I am going to need to order that more expensive floss for a couple patterns, and I need to make a working list of what I already have.  It is too expensive to repeat too many colors by accident.  But the dmc floss not being put away just adds to the confusion, and I am considering that it is part of cleaning up the sewing room. 

I do have a stitching confession to make.  I said I was looking for a weird silk needlepoint floss when I started to chase that out-of-print pattern.  I chose out-of-print pattern instead, and that I would forget about the pattern that needed the silks.  I did. 
Then yesterday an email popped up with their needlepoint site sale - and I went and looked again at the silk floss to price it and to see if I could figure it out.  I ended up ordering what I think is the silk floss that will work.  I then went and ordered the pattern.  I tried to look up the pattern, it is old, somebody should have stitched it by now - I thought somebody would have written about stitching it - nope.  Nobody.  Which is weird.  So I am curious about it, and if the floss ever shows up - I will give it a try at stitching it.  I think it is a lovely pattern, and something different.  I am hoping it is just the fact that the floss suggested is needlepoint silk, not cross stitch silk, maybe that stopped others from stitching it, not that the pattern is just awful. 

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