Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rounding the Corners

Rounding the corners, so hopefully the border meets where it should.
I messed up my count in a couple of spots, not the border, but just a stitch here and another stitch there.  So I adjust a stitch here and there to get things back into place.  I can still screw this up really bad. 

I got an email saying the silk floss I ordered is finally on the way.  Took nearly a month from the order date till it will arrive at my door.  I don't know if any of the fabric I have will work till I can lay the floss across it.

Stupid things I have done lately?  I mowed my moms gravel driveway.  I mowed it really low to kill the weeds, tossing lots of gravel, more than I realized.  It worked really well.  Then days after I did this - I noticed there are dents in my car and car paint.  I threw rocks into my car and dented my car in several places.  Luckily my car is a 2008, so nothing new that I am just sick about.  I am just sick it was pure stupidity in doing something I didn't have to do. 

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