Thursday, August 13, 2015

The between project...

The top was what I had finished as of Dec 27, 2014
The bottom is as of today. 
It is more of a white fabric with 815 dmc, more like the top photo.

I had stitched the upper right corner at some point.  I started this time in the lower left working across the bottom.  Three corners are established.  I am making little changes all the time - but since layout is based on placement off of other letters, I have to keep track of points that are not changing to count off of for the next letter placement.  Some of the pattern letters just look goofy.  I will omit some and then replace them with others at the end.  I can stitch points that I am not changing and then work from there.  I both love this project and hate this project. 
I am stitching it because C is for Charlie - but the pattern seems to be just as frustrating as Charlie.  I do like that there is a phoenix in the pattern since I always felt Charlie would bloom from the boy into an incredible man.  But at the end of our multiple conversations - he just confused the crap out of me.   Life is too short to deal with men like that.  See Ya Charlie.  May you arise from the ashes next time to be a better man. 

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