Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blocks and Stash

Almost have the box borders completed.  The biggest problem so far is keeping the floss from tangling since the are so many colors.  I finally got smart and just have the floss for the block I am stitching piled together.

Here is a photo of the patterns that I was chasing for so long.
I saw Peaceful Paradise finished and hanging at my local shop - but they could not find the pattern in their store, which I also suspected was out-of-print.  So the chase began.  I had seen Heaven Above started on a few blogs, I picked up the Memorial Sampler since it was in my local store, and have started it, but I am waiting for the couple of floss colors I am missing to finish it.  Time is the third design pictured - it is new and NOT out-of-print, and it just seemed bright and cheery.  I asked them to also send Mind Your Manners - it had just issued the day before, and it seemed if they were sending some - adding one more was a good idea.  I was chasing the designer for lack of a better word.  I also found that she had a couple of designs published in Just CrossStitch magazines (pictures below).  A few hours later, I had the those back issue magazine charts added to my stash.    Yesterday I figured out the floss order for all these patterns - I pressed the order button and crossed my fingers.  It will be my winter stitching stash.  And hopefully this is the last time I am chasing designers and designs that are out-of-print, or nearly out-of-print.

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