Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Never Smooth

Wanted to stitch this for a while - but not with the $6 a skein floss - I got just dmc floss instead.
I had seen it stitched on a mint green - but I thought it might be okay on the mottled pink.  But the white does not really show - the white is above the left leaf on the pink - barely visible.

So I decided to try a green from my stash - it is moss green / celadan - 25 count -  and started over.
So much better - this is three of the colors - I thought it was the answer -
Then I finally added the white after stitching even more - see below...

See the white?  It is almost dead center in this photo.  Slightly left of dead center.  And it is just the same in real life - and I know the green is washing out in the bottom photo, it is closer to the color green in the top photo.  And I changed the red to dmc 815.  The white used is dmc 3866 - but it is going to HAVE to be a different color.  It is also the color used to do the text on the bottom - what would be the point if it all reads like the star motif in that bottom photo. 
Sucks.  Just sucks.

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