Wednesday, September 30, 2015


 A photo of the floss order I have been waiting for - $100 worth of sale floss.  Several patterns.  I think I got them all sorted to the correct pattern - I had two left over... I think I know where they go.
I worked on the green version of the cardinal design.  Not going to use the dull red, just the substitute 815.  Had to substitute the beak and feet color again - to dmc 780, which seems perfect.
And this is the pile of stitching on the footstool.  This is only one of several piles of floss and patterns and fabric around me and my stitching spot on the sofa.  It is like a race to stitch myself out before it all surrounds me.  It would be nice to finish something - getting the floss I was missing on a few projects should help. *** I picked up the mess surrounding me, most of it, and put it in a plastic tote so it is more organized, not randomly falling on the floor, and it will stay together. 

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