Friday, September 11, 2015

Still Working On It

Not done with the first or second blocks yet.  It seemed like I was due for a photo update.
That brick work, two stitches of this, then two stitches of that, repeat, aaauuuggghhhhh!  Mostly because the cream in that first house is the same as the back ground, making it hard to tell where I have filled in and where I have skipped.  But they are both nearly done.  I have been doing nothing but stitching.  Audiobook length marathon stitching.  And the books have not been that good. 

And the floss that I ordered - they must have been out of a color - so I am waiting...  but there are NO stitching emergencies - so that is fine.  There were 52 in the order - and only a few were doubles. 

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