Thursday, September 24, 2015

Testing Whites

Okay, the original white blob is still there -
Then I tried just white in a few stitches directly nearest the red tail of the bird -
Then I tried that really bright dmc white - that B5200 - that is the nearly half star.
That one is better, but it almost reads like it was painted on - like painted on with a stencil? It does not look like floss stitched on fabric.  Weird effect though.
So I thought of trying a gold - but on some weird conversion chart - gold turned to green dmc numbers - so that theory didn't help.  I can pick random gold color floss, but they never stitch up like I am expecting.  Never.  Too dark, too yellow, too orange.  Never golden, and a metal floss is too fussy.  So I have a few more options.  The red of the bird was supposed to be a different red, I can try that for the stars / snowflakes and text.  I could try putting this all on a gray fabric - then the white might work...  and I will have to un-stitch those whites...

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