Thursday, October 29, 2015

Filling in, and starting something new...

 Spent a couple days filling in the birds and the bottom line trees, etc.  I had skipped ordering a brown, but then decided to use the suggested floss, so I am waiting for it to arrive.  It shipped today.

I started this - Peaceful Paradise from Midsummer Night Designs.  It is slow stitching so far.  The idea was to get the black borders done, I have used one skein of the floss so get this far.  Stitching on 25 count antique white jobelan, one over one, since I had that in my stash.  The clouds around the sun are not white but more of a smog brown.  Khaki Mocha is the cloud color.  I am using the suggested floss list.  It has been interesting to stitch several different designs by the same designer one right after the other.  Paradise is the third one, and I have three more of her designs I can continue with.

I did fix the couple of floss areas that bothered me on the Time design from the last blog entry.  I fixed the text, I restitched the teal flowers to be darker. 
My furnace got turned on tonight.  I planned to go to my mom's house and light that one too, but I just drove around instead.  So I will HAVE to go tomorrow.   ** And I did, and I mowed... Hooray!

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