Sunday, October 18, 2015

Two Finishes

 Above shows how far one skein of floss will get you from finishing....  seven words....
So if you order this pattern, order two purples.  I thought perhaps because I had used one half strand to test on a different fabric, it was going to bite me, but I was about two complete strand lengths short.
I lucked out because I needed one for this pattern, and one for another pattern, so I had ordered two.   I could have made the angels a different color, but since I did the angels first, I had to just stitch down to using it all.  So fair warning - you might make it, I stitched one over one, on 28 count antique ivory.  The pattern suggests one strand over two - even on a smaller count over two - I would never have made it.  The green is enough - there were two lengths of the 6 ply left - but not that purple.  And maybe if I fussy stitched it - I could make it - I am not saying it is impossible - but I don't like to stitch and worry.  My suggestion - an extra purple - you will need it - and if your count is larger - maybe an extra green.
Above shows it finished - hooray!
The photo shows it dark, it is antique ivory - not tea dyed anything.  Nice pattern.  I needed to fussy stitch the flowers to get them more dark than the lightest shades - I needed to do that to the colors in the text too.  I did some just to see how light the light flowers would get - and the teal on the left flowers is really light and in the text four lines from the bottom - 'time' in teal - needs to just be fussy stitched darker.  It looks almost like a smear or erasure.  As for pattern errors, only a couple with the commas.  When I read the text as I was stitching - I guess I hadn't read it through...  I was stitching from the bottom up - and when I got to the part -  'refrain from embracing' - I stopped to read...
I finally tied it to the song - Turn, Turn, Turn - and the words in the song are not quite the same as what I was stitching - which is still fine.  Then I got to - 'a time to plant' - 'a time to pluck up what is planted' - and I thought - 'reap', the word is 'reap', not 'pluck up'.  But way too late to change things at that point.  The two hyphenated words bothered me - but I was just stitching the pattern, per the pattern.  I did omit the two hearts above the birds heads.  I considered something else - I just left it plain. And yes, I am picking it apart - but I must have liked stitching it - it IS the first thing I have stitched from beginning to end for a LONG time.
And I finished 'Mind Your Manners'.  I re-stitched the 'D's and blocks of color around them.  It worked much better stitching the letter last on the color field.  It calls out for lots of colors on the pattern, I wanted to use the same red, the same text and color block floss as suggested.  I think fewer colors is fine, simple.  A great pattern works with lots of colors, not just the suggested colors.

I am trying to pick up stitching on other UFOs - I tried the green cardinal - it was not stitching well, so I picked up the other memorial sampler and I am adding the missing colors of floss that I now have. 

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Robin said...

Congratulations on both of your finishes! I like antique ivory fabric, but it is hard to photograph at times. I really like the less colors used in your Mind your Manners piece.

Robin in Virginia