Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not Enough Green

Barbara Ana's - All Creatures Great and Small...
If you just get just one skein of the suggested DMC to do the green, this is as far as you will get before you have used it all.  It isn't enough to do the hill of green at the bottom with the animals on it.  The hill goes over to the tree trunk in an arch if you want to know just how much you will be short.  The other areas I have filled in, I have used the suggested colors, so it is not like I messed up and used it for the cornstalk or those tiny pine trees - nope, that is a different green.  And I am stitching one strand over one thread on 28 count evenweave.  If you got the pattern - buy two of those green used in the leaves. 
Going to try to keep stitching on this - I knew I would be sick of leaves, and I was, but I there areas I think will be fun to fill in for a while yet. 
( I know she suggested Anchor floss and then cross references to DMC numbers on the pattern.  I have no clue anymore if Anchor and DMC are both the same lengths or not. )

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