Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Scissors and Color

The mailman delivered the latest order - that Barbara Ana sampler that seemed wonderful.  And I had started with simple metal small scissors, and they were in the $5 price range.  But a while ago, I saw these little scissors.  The pink ones.  Next order, I liked the pink ones, so I ordered the blue pair.  This time I had realized that I really liked my little scissors, and I wanted a few spare pairs.  So another pink, a blue, and the purple.  They are $7 from Stitch and Frog . com.  She offers free shipping over $60, but even on a simple order, shipping was a little over $4.  I have gotten several orders from her, and I even had a mix up, and she was extremely easy to contact and talk with.  As for the scissors, they are very sharp, smooth, easy to cut material like jobelan, to just cut the tip of a thread strand, and able to frog out just a few stitches, and are really one of those small wonderful things.  I have not seen these offered from other dealers, she calls them Cotton Candy scissors, and they offer a green version too.  They come with a little cover that protects the blades that easily just snaps over the ends.  The finger holes are about an inch long for the opening - I can slide my thumb into it completely, not that you would need to, but the finger openings are a reasonable size, not some tiny thing.  Overall length is about 3.25 inches.  The scissors are just one of those small things that really add to my pleasure while stitching.  You want the material to feel right, you want that perfect drink nearby to sip from, and you want scissors that are smooth to cut with, and sharp, and light in weight.
Okay, now it is starting to sound like a beer commercial.  I am just saying - those are some really NICE scissors.  I love my gingher full size dressmaking shears - I love these little scissors the same way. 

And I have made a little progress on Peaceful Paradise.  The section of the moon is done.  Working my way across the bottom.  The sheep are the same smog color as the clouds.  The colors run amazingly close to each other, and therefore blend into each other.  Like the whiskey has a shade just barely off of the dmc yellow suggested.  The result is that you lose the design just slightly, as opposed to a sharp defined crisp color difference.  Or a shading difference.  Neither is right or wrong - it is style, it is also where the randomness of the color changes of the thread appear in the stitches.  And floss dyelots change over the life of a pattern.  So watching to colors as they fill in - certainly a lesson in color for me.

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Robin said...

Nice progress on Peaceful Paradise! Those 'Cotton Candy' scissors are great. Mine are at least 4 years old and still as sharp as they were the first day. Enjoy them!

Robin in Virginia