Sunday, December 6, 2015

All those eyes....

 This is where I am starting from after the shopping insanity.  It was a break from cross stitching, but not from sewing.  I found the slippers I like - and they look like this... and yep, they are all mine.
They come with hats and antlers and scarfs on the penguins, and bells... and since I wear them all winter, I remove all that and make them slightly plainer.  Doing that on a dozen pairs takes me a couple of days.  They are like wrapping your foot in a bag of fake fur covered fiberfill, with a non skid sole.  The result photo is below.  Still makes me smile to see those faces on my feet.  For some women it is purple hats - or red hats, but for me - warm silly moose feet all winter, thank you very much.

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