Sunday, December 27, 2015

Still not impressive

Still not impressive at the amount I have done lately.  I start out the day to stitch - then somehow end up playing too many games of computer solitaire.  I will be glad to be done with this section, it is just fussy to stitch the green to get the outlines for the other critters.  I still like the pattern, and like stitching it, look forward to stitching - and the part of just filling in the critters should go quicker since they are not stripes or something else fussy.
I am not going to start a new project for the new year.  I like what I have started, and I don't feel the need to start anything new. 

And they are predicting snow and ice for us Monday. 

I got my Christmas wish.  I tried to fix my dishwasher - changing out the control board didn't help, so new plan - wait till there is a good sale - maybe free installation if that is possible.  I am cheap.  But this could take a while...  The first ad was 10% off.  So I started looking at models and brands, and then the Christmas Eve ad was 10% off and also free installation, and an extra 5% off.  So since that was exactly what I had asked for - and snow was predicted - that meant - order it now.  So I left in the morning to look at the real models not just internet photos, and ended up ordering one that will get to their store in a week, at the year end, and then it is up to the installer guy's schedule.
I stuck with the same brand - when they work - they work great and don't leak.  But I have gone through 2 in 10 years and the last one in about 4 years.  So I certainly was not going to buy bells and whistles to pay $50 more for a folding rack - or $50 more for stainless steel outside door.  I didn't go the cheapest model either.  I bought like it only might last 4 years again.  We even joked about buying one I didn't really like - because the one you never quite like, seems to last forever.  I am a single person - I preclean everything - I can honestly say - I have never had to clean out that little catch cup - because there is never anything on the dishes.  I mostly look at it as a really great clean rinsing kills germs thing.  And I didn't send back the $90 board I replaced.  I could have - but if I had paid for somebody to come look at it, it would have cost me $90 or more as a labor charge for the guy to look at me and say - yep lady, it's broken.  At least for my $90 I tried, and got to think of another way to try, and try again even messing with the codes - it is sort of exciting when you find a code combination that will run the dishwasher with the door still open.  At least I knew that was not the code I was looking for.   Paying somebody would have gotten me the right code, maybe - but if the heater is not working - and there was a code hinting that was the problem - the only solution was to pull it almost completely apart.  But if you are going to play and screw one up - doing that to one that is already not working - sort of fun.  But don't tell your kids if you hold down several buttons while turning it on - that is when you can make all sorts of crazy things happen.

One other thing - I watched Netflix - Making A Murderer - it is insanely good.  Probably the best show I have seen all year.  If you are a fan of Serial, then Making A Murderer is that on steroids. 
Then I watched The Jinx, all 6 episodes were on youtube - not great sound quality but watchable - that felt like the flip side of the coin.  From poor and less education, to wealthy and educated.  Watching them back to back - and watching that last 15 minutes about 4 times - really insane to directly compare the two.
And I will toss in this bit of trivia - Making a Murderer - the case is in Wisconsin - and their tourist department seems to have two slogans - Discover Wisconsin - and - Escape to Wisconsin...  The state slogan is - Stay A Little Bit Longer....  It is just one of those things that is true that you can't make up.  That show will certainly help people to discover Wisconsin, and choose to avoid Wisconsin.

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