Saturday, December 31, 2016

And the year ends...

And this is year end... 
Into the 10th floss at this point. 
Glad 2016 is over. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Days Later...

A few more boxes filled in, a few more started.

Friday, December 23, 2016

End of the Eighth Floss

That top part is finished.  Skipping some of  the back stitch detailing - it just gets too muddy.  Less is sometimes more for me.  But I have managed to stitch a few nights and stay off the computer.  Just at the end of that eighth floss at this point.  It's good to start to see areas completed.  A box here and a box there is the plan.  

Monday, December 19, 2016

Into the 8th floss

I am into the 8th floss at this point. 
This has been the year of the unicorn for me, everything kept leading back to unicorns.  Which is  really weird.  So the unicorn in the upper corner is going to be just a horse.  I am trying to not bring unicorns into next year. 

If I would just stop looking for deals on-line, I'd get lots more stitching done.  I'm trying to do that.  The spending party is over.  Really over.  Back to use it up and wear it out.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All the way around...

I took a photo with a highligher, and a nickel, and a quarter.  It gives a better sense of size and scale.
Photo without the extra things.  The sides aligned, and when I took the side to meet across - it matched up - the pattern is a bit odd there, but it IS the pattern.  I could logically still be off - but not know it yet.  I'm still enjoying stitching it.   Things are good - but I am ignoring things I need to be doing.  If you never leave the sofa - you never see the things that are a real mess. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Four Corners

That's four corners.  Crossing my fingers that the sides will line up when they come together.  There are things you don't check till you are having a good day.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hard to notice...

Maybe this is five floss used.  At least 5 might be the better way to say it.  This was hours and hours of stitching, and on this photo, like when I clean my house, unless you know where to look - it's hard to notice.  It's still fun to stitch.

The garage roof is now done.  They clean out the gutters.  I asked them to recycle the old extra shingles, and they did, which is something else out of the house.  I turned a year older the next day. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Corner

I made it to the top corner. It is 16.25 x 12.5 inches corner to corner.  I am trying to keep track of the floss I have used - but I might have miscounted that already.  Just feeling like a disorganized mess.  I know it doesn't really matter how much I have used, which is a good thing because I can't count to five or six I guess.  I can laugh about it, and in a world of people with real problems - it doesn't matter.  Just happy to be able to stitch away.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Corner is done

A second corner is complete, so all the way across the width now.  Still have a row of pages to go up yet.  Not quite through the fourth floss.

Went to the yearly electrical company meeting.  They have a free lunch, and door prizes.  I take a woman that is now 88 years old, and tiny.  Meaning breakable.  Her heart is only at 37%, her health is not great, but she likes to go to this meeting.  So last year we did not go, but did the several years before that.  They also give away 30 - $25 off your bill prizes, and they give a gift for just showing up - and this year it was bbq tools.  She won the 15th $25 off your bill.  She said she felt bad I did not win, but then I won the 23rd $25 off my bill.  So we both won.  Free lunch, bbq tools, we each won $25 off the next bill, and a really nice ink pen that sparkles.  That was a good day.  And I got her home without breaking her.  A couple hundred people show up, so we beat the odds if we both won.
She tells me stories, her sister-in-law was getting groceries and as they loaded the car, she went to get into the car while her son was on the other side of the car.  They think she stepped on a stone and lost her balance, and fell.  Broke her hip in the grocery store parking lot.  Then she talked about her high school class reunion.  Her 70th high school class reunion.  She said 7 people came to the reunion.  I asked, how many people were in your class?  100.  Okay, but more than 7 are still alive, but only 7 came.  But she added, there was a woman that set it up, contacted and planned it all.  Then the planning woman forgot it was that day, and forgot to go to the actual event.  Which is really funny in a horrible way. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Days Later

Okay, there was some un-stitching.  The letters E and K were off by one row, and K is back, but not E.  Part of a triangle just wasn't laying right, so it was picked out and re-stitched.  Nothing awful on either thing, and as much as I am shotgunning this - when one thing lines up with something else, there is a small sigh of relief and a happy dance in my head.  This is almost three dmc floss used so far.  I have 10 single strands yet, before cutting up the next skein. 

The flood waters crested.  We were a 15 second blurb on the national news.  There was some levee leaks, there was some sewer backups.  There were some flooded basements in areas that above ground, things look dry.  The crest was at 22 feet and we are at 20 now.  City kids got the whole week off school.  They said in all the records - it had never flooded in Sept.  So this city has finally learned to - never say never.  The city did do a good job.   They tried.  But I'm always amazed that people will buy a house or open a business next to a RIVER - and then be puzzled about somebody else not being able to stop a RIVER overflowing to protect their house or business. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

A little here, a little there...

No rhyme or reason to which direction.  That is almost the side to the left, just missing a 2 stitch wide box border.  And I still have to go up a full page yet.  I am well into the third floss.   

The town is waiting for the flood crest predicted now at 23 feet, and we are at 21 feet now.  Flood stage is 12 feet.  I am on high ground, but the grown kids of my friend have been evacuated.  News coverage is limited.  I think they finally realized that people come gawk if they show too much.  They have night curfews, National Guard, no school for the kids for three days.  Gas lines have been cut off to housing in areas likely to flood.  And the power grid was changes so if one area went underwater, it wouldn't take four more not underwater with it.  That 23 to 25 foot mark can flood level is an interesting level.  Levees are at that 22 foot mark - so at this point - they are still not sure what will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours.  In the past - they have been proud to say that nobody has been hurt.  Nobody has died.  Their goal is to say that again.  I am just stitching and staying out of the way.  The rest of the city is just trying to say - business as usual - so it's a bit disjointed. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Still Fun Stitching

Still fun stitching.  You can lay a regular sheet of paper on top and cover it all completely.

The local news has flood warnings.  The river will flood over 12 feet, and they expect to see the 24 foot mark.  Saying right now that Sunday through Thursday they expect to be above the 12 foot mark.  So it will be time to get groceries today.  At 5 am Friday we are at the 10 foot mark. It rained 10 inches in 24 hours north of me.  And it keeps raining.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The first skein...

The photos sure are not accurate for color.  This is with a flash, so it's too light, the last photo was too dark.  It's a material that is most like a white something that has been mixed in with the color loads enough that it's now no longer white at all.

This is three pattern pages wide and a full page tall.  I am just a few strands past that first full skein of dmc floss.  It's still fun and relaxing so far, but there's a long ways to go yet. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Start So Far...

Here is the beginning of Death By Cross Stitch.
From the left lion over to the edge is a page width, from that squirrel tail to the left is another page width.  I am not quite to the top of the page yet.  I'm already fussy about which back stitches to omit, or just plain change.  Fill in the parts I like till I feel inspired I guess.  At that point the piece will have 'weight', and I can start to feel balance.  But that left to right measurement is 6.5 inches and 4 inches upward in this photo. 

Life is a bit like swimming in molasses lately.  It just takes hours and days to do one thing.  It's to the point of being absurd.  I just keep trying, but seriously - I would not hire me to do anything.  It's laughable, and I'm trying to laugh about it.  I know there are people around me with real problems.  So I am happy that my only problem is that I'm not making progress in the things I need to do.  I AM making progress, but I'm am the snail or the turtle in this race - and I do keep trying. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016


A Finish!

Stitched on 25 count black lugana. 
Finished size is 7.75 x 10.25 inches.
Used 6 skeins of Weeks Dye Works floss - Whiskey is the color name -  each are 5 yard - so just under 30 yards total.
Stitched one over one.  

And I started the next stitching - that huge Long Dog Sampler - Death By Cross Stitch.  I'm stitching it on 28 count jobelan China Pearl with dmc 310 black floss, one over one.  It should finish at 13 x 16 inches.  I wanted to make a copy of the pattern to stitch from and mark on, and my printer would NOT make copies, it's not the first time, so a new printer will be delivered tomorrow.  With enough extra ink to not run out in the middle of winter.

I have been at the point that I look at my house, which to be nice is 'cluttered'.  Okay,  there are piles of crap everywhere.  So I am trying to toss things weekly as my garbage day goal.  The space that is created by tossing one thing filled with something else that was piled in a chair since last Thanksgiving in the first round.  But there were two bags of vhs tapes that left.  I took 5 printers and a scanner and keyboard to the recycle place at the landfill after ordering the replacement printer.  The desk telephone stopped working, the computer mouse broke.  I had a spare phone, the mouse replacement was ordered.  Fix, Repair, Replace is indeed the trend this year.  But it's breaking at a speed that allows me to not feel overwhelmed.  I replace the computer battery today.  Like some of us, it didn't remember what the time was, what the date was, what year it was.  So my computer is back together again after days.  And working... most importantly.  But I look around thinking - okay what's going to break next?  And I pick up a little around the computer and make it a bit less of a pile and clutter but far from organized.  It wasn't created in a day, it won't get better in a day either.  I alway just say - it's a start. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

After 4 floss

This is after four - 5 yard skeins of floss - 20 yards.  My feeling is that it will use just over 30 yards to complete.  Just filling in where it needs, with no rhyme or reason at this point. 

My budget this month is good - but of course the plumbing bill alone put me into never even close to budget.  But it had to be done, and I waited long enough that even knowing the drain was not right for years and years, it never quite occurred to me that the dripping might also be rotting the wood around the drain.  And I should know that.  Same thing is true of a dripping or leaking toilet.  It rots the floor around the base.  A midnight surprise just waiting to happen.  So I am glad to have it done.  Next will be the house roof, which I have also delayed for a couple extra years, but I am starting to push my luck there too.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Middle Pages

Finished pages 3 and 6, and now working pages 2 and 5.  I used just under 2 skeins of floss to do the first two pages, and I am nearly done using the third floss at this point.  But I think I messed up somewhere in this current circle middle, so I need to examine the middle stitch by stitch.  I am sure it won't take that long to find.   I will just say - I was watching an old movie and crying at the end, and that is my excuse for messing up.  Nothing like a movie that just makes you cry at the end.  I have finished a couple of audiobooks, but nothing that I would recommend.
I DID see a movie trailer for the next Bridget Jones Movie - about her getting pregnant!  Called Bridget Jones's Baby.  Releases in the US Sept 16, so a while to wait yet.  There is a trailer up on the site. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two of Twelve Circles Done

Still stitching to make sure there is enough floss.  I think there will be.  It is much prettier in person than in the photo.  And this photo through BlogSpot is wonky, it is more the shape and size of a postcard, and I guess blogger doesn't deal with a longer narrow photo, so here it gets squished. 

I was doing great on my monthly budget.  I've had a dripping shower, almost up to a trickle.  And then the drain in that same shower was also leaking into the basement.  So a guy friend tried to help me, and he twisted the whole shower faucet off behind the wall.  He didn't mean to, I know that, and I might have done exactly the same thing.  Exactly why I was not wanting to try myself.  So he went with me to talk to the plumber.  I have no shut off to that shower, so I had no water.  But I can live without water, I was not in a panic.  It was a Monday, at noon, I was fine as long as somebody came before Friday.  I know some people would be upset, not me.  They said they were busy all that same day, but was Tuesday morning okay, I said - Sure.
So there is nothing hotter to a middle aged woman than a man that can replace a shower valve behind the wall, then the faucet, cut out and replace the shower drain, check my water heater for sludge while he is here anyway, and replace my clothes washer faucets.  And if nothing leaks or drips after he is done, and he can do it in under 3 hours, the man is hotter than any stripper, or man I have ever had sex with, no matter what he looks like.  The bill was $562.  almost $300 of that was parts.  Expensive?, always, but I got to go out with my guy friend for a steak dinner the night before we broke the faucet, and I rarely go out to dinner, maybe once a year.  So two hot men, it was almost too much for a stitching woman to deserve.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can an Old Pattern be a New Start?

Okay, starting something new won.  But it is an old pattern, Rosetta from Ink Circles.
And yep, Judith inspired me to stitch it from sending me a very nice email.  This is after just a couple nights of stitching and I have nearly finished a page.  I kept looking at the newest Ink Circles called Tapestry, but thinking I have this one in my stash, I really should stitch it first.  This photo shows flash washing out the colors, the black is really black if you wonder how much it is washing out.  Stitching it with 25 count black jobelan  with Weeks Dye Works Whiskey floss.  One over one.  Started with 10 skeins of floss, so if I run out, there will not be 12 circles...   I thought if I finished a page - 1 of 6, I'd know, but it doesn't set on the page even, and of course it will make a difference if I mess up and have to frog.  So far, only lost count once. 
I don't concern myself with people commenting.  I look at lots of peoples blogs and never say a word.  I did comment when the stitcher was going to frame something and she had an alphabet letter like T and the bar at the top was missing.  She read her comments and caught it, and fixed it.  So I certainly read comments, but I understand people that don't comment.  But if I really screw up - and it is obvious - oh good grief, say something.......
And I am starting this from the bottom right corner and working my way up and left.  This is that corner page. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

For Now - Finished

For now, this is as finished as it gets.  There is supposed to be a single stitch border inside the other border - but the very light green doesn't really show in the pattern, so stitching the border seemed silly, and that it should be a different color, or black again.  I didn't want to run short of floss, so it had to be done last, but I can't decide which color.  Text is going to take some homework for dates and planning to fit into the space.  As for the project overall - I think the color choices are odd, but it stitched it with the suggested Gentle Arts Sampler threads.  It feels balanced - it just feels like it could have been prettier.  Like making a dress, and knowing with a different fabric it could have been more striking. 

No clue if there will be a new start or picking up something already started.  I am trying to switch from winter mood, to moving my butt mood.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Final Quarter

I restarted this with only a quarter done.  Now I have to just finish the final quarter.

My spending has only been $19 total for the month so far. 

Life has fallen apart for three of my five friends.  Two of their mothers have been diagnosed with dementia.  Also an adult son is being tested for liver cancer and she is waiting for the results of the biopsy.  She is a wreck.  Within a few days the news reported that reflux medications were causing dementia, and his mother hasn't taken those meds, but his dad has, and in large quantities, and he is also showing signs of dementia.  So I had my friend watch the news report online to get the same info I saw.  The news said that you were 44% likely to get dementia if you were taking the reflux medication and were over age 74.  So if you take, or know somebody taking those medications, they should be aware, and probably stop ASAP.  It was not just one brand - it was the medication in several brands named. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Filling In

Filling in, but not a clue if things will meet up yet.

I still have not figured out why photos will not show up on my computer, but will show up viewing the page from a kindle -  Grrrrrrrr....  But other Blogger sites do that for me too, not just my own page.  But now it is doing it from both computers.  Again, Grrrrrr...

On the budget front, I have spent just $15 this month.  Not a stitching budget, but total money that has left my purse for groceries, gasoline, shopping anything.  Can't last till end of month, but today there is snow on the driveway, today the budget is safe.

Trying to play less on the computer - the day just disappears.  House of Cards starts again March 4, there will be binge watching and stitching then.  The heck with superbowls, give me a whole season of that or Orange is the New Black - and my butt is happily glued to the sofa.  Orange restarts June 17 if you are marking your calendars.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Before and Today...

This was the project that I went back to stitching.  Above is a day or so after I remembered I should take a new photo....

This is where I am at as of today, Thursday.

Final report on the January $200 budget - spent $432.  No excuses.  So far for this month - I have spent nothing, and that won't last.

I have been listening to the court hearing updates today from the first Serial podcast - and the tweets.  And also some of the opinions in the Making a Murderer updates.  And The Jinx... and I am waiting to get the audiobook from the library about The Jinx, and I did get The Staircase dvd, and I had watched all the West Memphis Three videos...  I have always found true crime books interesting.  I will always listen to John Douglas opinion about a case - he is an FBI profiler, and I have read most all of his books.  But what some of the other profilers say - I know is clearly not well thought through, or not logical - and that drives me crazy.  But I do try to listen to other opinions, and points of view and try to see it from all angles.  I don't have to agree with them, and I don't have to convert them to my opinion.  Maybe I just find flawed logic really interesting.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Still Adding Stitches...

Still adding stitches...

My state has a lost money web site - most states do - and I randomly looked today.  My mom is out on it for $2325.  It is like finding a winning lottery ticket.  It takes more for me to jump thru the hoops to get it since my mom is dead now, but I will figure it out.

I have been tossing my change into a water bottle for years.  This week I cashed it in to pay for the dishwasher - it came out almost even to the bill amount.  I am also still trying to stay within my budget.  This month it is $200.  I have spent that on groceries, gasoline, eating out, stamps, shopping.  I'd like to finish out the month with a $50 a week spending average total. 

So I have spent this month counting pennies - literally - and trying to stay within a $200 monthly limit - which is not limiting myself severly.  And suddenly, I find $2325?  Now is that my budget for the next 11 months from the universe as a gift?  Because it could be a really nice flat screen tv with sound system, and player...  Coincedence?  or just really weird???

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Filling In...

Photo with no flash - but the material is really white.
I am filling in, but it was like every strand I stitched ended up just a few stitches short of completing the tree, or the leaf or the face.  So I am trying to catch those area so I can start to call areas complete.  Today I decided to just call it a stitching day, and I have stitched 10 hours so far.

I got my dishwasher installed - I have used it twice.  It looks a little wonky, but it is level, my kitchen counter isn't anymore.  But I would rather the dishwasher fill and drain properly, than look level, and not work.  It is rated as being the same level of quiet, but it is quieter.  I am still getting used to the control buttons.  It flashes at me like - hey lady - you don't know what you are doing....  I have actually read part of the manual, but not all the manual.  I see cookie making in the near future.

I am trying to put myself on a slower spending budget.  What I spend seems to swing wildly at times - and I am sure sometimes it is from need, sometimes it is pure emotional spending from depression.  Sorting that out and seeing if I can lower my monthly averages.  But like a diet, it is an everyday thing that you can be good all month, then blow it all up in a single day, or the last day of the month.  So I am back to wearing things out, using things up.  This will be a year of finishing projects I have started, and buying only the one to two that I truly love.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A litte here, A little there...

Still hanging in there on this.  I finished all the little flowers or acorns or whatever those little things are in the border.  That is now complete.  There are a few things I am going to have to change.  I just can't stitch a bird sideways.  I also can't stitch a bird onto the church roof that would basically be like stitching Godzilla onto a church roof.  Is the church supposed to be under attact by giant birds?  I am not too sure about the piglets, if they are piglets.  It sometimes feels like a designer will just be filling in an area, but just be trying to put in anything that fits, rather than something that makes sense.  So I am back to filling in the things that sort of make sense, and then seeing where that leaves me.  Other than that, it is just a stitch here or there that I am changing.  I narrowed the shepards face, fixed the woman's shoes, evened up the bugs wings, gave the cat better ears, altered hats, nothing crazy.

Tomorrow my new dishwasher is supposed to be installed.  I have missed it, more than I expected. 

And I have started watching the reruns of the Johnny Carson show.  I am old enough to have watched it the first time around, but watching it again now gives a little bit different perspective on some of the people.  I catch myself smiling at a joke I have no doubt heard before.  Or sometimes tearing up over a famous person that you just have not thought about for a while.  Perhaps it is just a slightly different sense of humor.  Maybe because I did watch it years ago, and probably regularly, it is a bit like getting to see a favorite relative again.  Whatever the reason - I stop to watch it, and I am really enjoying watching it again.