Thursday, January 7, 2016

A litte here, A little there...

Still hanging in there on this.  I finished all the little flowers or acorns or whatever those little things are in the border.  That is now complete.  There are a few things I am going to have to change.  I just can't stitch a bird sideways.  I also can't stitch a bird onto the church roof that would basically be like stitching Godzilla onto a church roof.  Is the church supposed to be under attact by giant birds?  I am not too sure about the piglets, if they are piglets.  It sometimes feels like a designer will just be filling in an area, but just be trying to put in anything that fits, rather than something that makes sense.  So I am back to filling in the things that sort of make sense, and then seeing where that leaves me.  Other than that, it is just a stitch here or there that I am changing.  I narrowed the shepards face, fixed the woman's shoes, evened up the bugs wings, gave the cat better ears, altered hats, nothing crazy.

Tomorrow my new dishwasher is supposed to be installed.  I have missed it, more than I expected. 

And I have started watching the reruns of the Johnny Carson show.  I am old enough to have watched it the first time around, but watching it again now gives a little bit different perspective on some of the people.  I catch myself smiling at a joke I have no doubt heard before.  Or sometimes tearing up over a famous person that you just have not thought about for a while.  Perhaps it is just a slightly different sense of humor.  Maybe because I did watch it years ago, and probably regularly, it is a bit like getting to see a favorite relative again.  Whatever the reason - I stop to watch it, and I am really enjoying watching it again.

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