Friday, January 22, 2016

Still Adding Stitches...

Still adding stitches...

My state has a lost money web site - most states do - and I randomly looked today.  My mom is out on it for $2325.  It is like finding a winning lottery ticket.  It takes more for me to jump thru the hoops to get it since my mom is dead now, but I will figure it out.

I have been tossing my change into a water bottle for years.  This week I cashed it in to pay for the dishwasher - it came out almost even to the bill amount.  I am also still trying to stay within my budget.  This month it is $200.  I have spent that on groceries, gasoline, eating out, stamps, shopping.  I'd like to finish out the month with a $50 a week spending average total. 

So I have spent this month counting pennies - literally - and trying to stay within a $200 monthly limit - which is not limiting myself severly.  And suddenly, I find $2325?  Now is that my budget for the next 11 months from the universe as a gift?  Because it could be a really nice flat screen tv with sound system, and player...  Coincedence?  or just really weird???

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