Monday, February 15, 2016

Filling In

Filling in, but not a clue if things will meet up yet.

I still have not figured out why photos will not show up on my computer, but will show up viewing the page from a kindle -  Grrrrrrrr....  But other Blogger sites do that for me too, not just my own page.  But now it is doing it from both computers.  Again, Grrrrrr...

On the budget front, I have spent just $15 this month.  Not a stitching budget, but total money that has left my purse for groceries, gasoline, shopping anything.  Can't last till end of month, but today there is snow on the driveway, today the budget is safe.

Trying to play less on the computer - the day just disappears.  House of Cards starts again March 4, there will be binge watching and stitching then.  The heck with superbowls, give me a whole season of that or Orange is the New Black - and my butt is happily glued to the sofa.  Orange restarts June 17 if you are marking your calendars.

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