Sunday, February 21, 2016

Final Quarter

I restarted this with only a quarter done.  Now I have to just finish the final quarter.

My spending has only been $19 total for the month so far. 

Life has fallen apart for three of my five friends.  Two of their mothers have been diagnosed with dementia.  Also an adult son is being tested for liver cancer and she is waiting for the results of the biopsy.  She is a wreck.  Within a few days the news reported that reflux medications were causing dementia, and his mother hasn't taken those meds, but his dad has, and in large quantities, and he is also showing signs of dementia.  So I had my friend watch the news report online to get the same info I saw.  The news said that you were 44% likely to get dementia if you were taking the reflux medication and were over age 74.  So if you take, or know somebody taking those medications, they should be aware, and probably stop ASAP.  It was not just one brand - it was the medication in several brands named. 

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Christina G said...

Prayer for you and your friends. Been thru something does seem to come at the same time. Hugs, Christina