Saturday, March 12, 2016

Can an Old Pattern be a New Start?

Okay, starting something new won.  But it is an old pattern, Rosetta from Ink Circles.
And yep, Judith inspired me to stitch it from sending me a very nice email.  This is after just a couple nights of stitching and I have nearly finished a page.  I kept looking at the newest Ink Circles called Tapestry, but thinking I have this one in my stash, I really should stitch it first.  This photo shows flash washing out the colors, the black is really black if you wonder how much it is washing out.  Stitching it with 25 count black jobelan  with Weeks Dye Works Whiskey floss.  One over one.  Started with 10 skeins of floss, so if I run out, there will not be 12 circles...   I thought if I finished a page - 1 of 6, I'd know, but it doesn't set on the page even, and of course it will make a difference if I mess up and have to frog.  So far, only lost count once. 
I don't concern myself with people commenting.  I look at lots of peoples blogs and never say a word.  I did comment when the stitcher was going to frame something and she had an alphabet letter like T and the bar at the top was missing.  She read her comments and caught it, and fixed it.  So I certainly read comments, but I understand people that don't comment.  But if I really screw up - and it is obvious - oh good grief, say something.......
And I am starting this from the bottom right corner and working my way up and left.  This is that corner page. 

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