Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two of Twelve Circles Done

Still stitching to make sure there is enough floss.  I think there will be.  It is much prettier in person than in the photo.  And this photo through BlogSpot is wonky, it is more the shape and size of a postcard, and I guess blogger doesn't deal with a longer narrow photo, so here it gets squished. 

I was doing great on my monthly budget.  I've had a dripping shower, almost up to a trickle.  And then the drain in that same shower was also leaking into the basement.  So a guy friend tried to help me, and he twisted the whole shower faucet off behind the wall.  He didn't mean to, I know that, and I might have done exactly the same thing.  Exactly why I was not wanting to try myself.  So he went with me to talk to the plumber.  I have no shut off to that shower, so I had no water.  But I can live without water, I was not in a panic.  It was a Monday, at noon, I was fine as long as somebody came before Friday.  I know some people would be upset, not me.  They said they were busy all that same day, but was Tuesday morning okay, I said - Sure.
So there is nothing hotter to a middle aged woman than a man that can replace a shower valve behind the wall, then the faucet, cut out and replace the shower drain, check my water heater for sludge while he is here anyway, and replace my clothes washer faucets.  And if nothing leaks or drips after he is done, and he can do it in under 3 hours, the man is hotter than any stripper, or man I have ever had sex with, no matter what he looks like.  The bill was $562.  almost $300 of that was parts.  Expensive?, always, but I got to go out with my guy friend for a steak dinner the night before we broke the faucet, and I rarely go out to dinner, maybe once a year.  So two hot men, it was almost too much for a stitching woman to deserve.

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