Thursday, March 10, 2016

For Now - Finished

For now, this is as finished as it gets.  There is supposed to be a single stitch border inside the other border - but the very light green doesn't really show in the pattern, so stitching the border seemed silly, and that it should be a different color, or black again.  I didn't want to run short of floss, so it had to be done last, but I can't decide which color.  Text is going to take some homework for dates and planning to fit into the space.  As for the project overall - I think the color choices are odd, but it stitched it with the suggested Gentle Arts Sampler threads.  It feels balanced - it just feels like it could have been prettier.  Like making a dress, and knowing with a different fabric it could have been more striking. 

No clue if there will be a new start or picking up something already started.  I am trying to switch from winter mood, to moving my butt mood.  

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Hi, haven't commented for ages - computer problems - but have been following along. I really love this sampler and actually quite like that little gap inside the black border. Xx