Friday, September 16, 2016

The Start So Far...

Here is the beginning of Death By Cross Stitch.
From the left lion over to the edge is a page width, from that squirrel tail to the left is another page width.  I am not quite to the top of the page yet.  I'm already fussy about which back stitches to omit, or just plain change.  Fill in the parts I like till I feel inspired I guess.  At that point the piece will have 'weight', and I can start to feel balance.  But that left to right measurement is 6.5 inches and 4 inches upward in this photo. 

Life is a bit like swimming in molasses lately.  It just takes hours and days to do one thing.  It's to the point of being absurd.  I just keep trying, but seriously - I would not hire me to do anything.  It's laughable, and I'm trying to laugh about it.  I know there are people around me with real problems.  So I am happy that my only problem is that I'm not making progress in the things I need to do.  I AM making progress, but I'm am the snail or the turtle in this race - and I do keep trying. 


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

What an excellent start on your new project. I really don't know how you stitch so quickly. I am so sorry that other things in your life are not moving at the speed you would like. Hang on in there. Irene xxx

Robin in Virginia said...

Great start! Have a relaxing weekend!