Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Days Later

Okay, there was some un-stitching.  The letters E and K were off by one row, and K is back, but not E.  Part of a triangle just wasn't laying right, so it was picked out and re-stitched.  Nothing awful on either thing, and as much as I am shotgunning this - when one thing lines up with something else, there is a small sigh of relief and a happy dance in my head.  This is almost three dmc floss used so far.  I have 10 single strands yet, before cutting up the next skein. 

The flood waters crested.  We were a 15 second blurb on the national news.  There was some levee leaks, there was some sewer backups.  There were some flooded basements in areas that above ground, things look dry.  The crest was at 22 feet and we are at 20 now.  City kids got the whole week off school.  They said in all the records - it had never flooded in Sept.  So this city has finally learned to - never say never.  The city did do a good job.   They tried.  But I'm always amazed that people will buy a house or open a business next to a RIVER - and then be puzzled about somebody else not being able to stop a RIVER overflowing to protect their house or business. 

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