Monday, October 3, 2016

Second Corner is done

A second corner is complete, so all the way across the width now.  Still have a row of pages to go up yet.  Not quite through the fourth floss.

Went to the yearly electrical company meeting.  They have a free lunch, and door prizes.  I take a woman that is now 88 years old, and tiny.  Meaning breakable.  Her heart is only at 37%, her health is not great, but she likes to go to this meeting.  So last year we did not go, but did the several years before that.  They also give away 30 - $25 off your bill prizes, and they give a gift for just showing up - and this year it was bbq tools.  She won the 15th $25 off your bill.  She said she felt bad I did not win, but then I won the 23rd $25 off my bill.  So we both won.  Free lunch, bbq tools, we each won $25 off the next bill, and a really nice ink pen that sparkles.  That was a good day.  And I got her home without breaking her.  A couple hundred people show up, so we beat the odds if we both won.
She tells me stories, her sister-in-law was getting groceries and as they loaded the car, she went to get into the car while her son was on the other side of the car.  They think she stepped on a stone and lost her balance, and fell.  Broke her hip in the grocery store parking lot.  Then she talked about her high school class reunion.  Her 70th high school class reunion.  She said 7 people came to the reunion.  I asked, how many people were in your class?  100.  Okay, but more than 7 are still alive, but only 7 came.  But she added, there was a woman that set it up, contacted and planned it all.  Then the planning woman forgot it was that day, and forgot to go to the actual event.  Which is really funny in a horrible way. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

Your Sampler is looking good. You are really cruising on this piece. It sounds like you had a good lunch out. Congratulations on winning a door prize!