Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stitching Along...

It is still fun stitching along on this.  But one of the colors is gonna be a problem.  That light floor tile color is basically so close to the fabric that you have to stitch it during the day.  A few of the tiles on the left are filled in - the rest from under the plant and over, are not - but hard to tell right?  Later it will be the color of the woman's arm or skin.  It's also supposed to be used in the empty part of the border frame - but I am thinking the red from the flowers might be nicer.  It seems like it would be a lovely fabric to do this on, but it's probably too close to a couple of the floss colors.  Sometimes you try it just to learn what will be too close.  I am still trying to learn. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

This and That

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes.

I worked on The Token.  That is the two top corners completed.  This is also more than the first full spool of floss used up at this point.  A spool works out to be just under a skein of dmc in length.  if you are trying to compare. 
Well this is Sarah Spurr from Carriage House Samplings.  On 28Ct Laurel Green lugana.  One over one, with dmc floss.  This was the fabric that was part of the last order, and I wanted to start it before it got mixed up where it shouldn't.  I also wanted to be sure that I put the fabric, pattern, and floss I got about 8 years ago, all together.  Quickest way to do that is to start it.  It was after my birthday... we all use that for an excuse to start something.  This was just a couple days of stitching.  The fabric is also light enough that it matches one of the dmc colors pretty close.  So I am stitching the black, which is the floor tiles and the frame, and there are stripes in her dress.  It's a fun stitch at this point.  And I AM going to keep with these last four projects till SOMETHING gets finished. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Still working on this...

Still on this.  This is still the first spool of floss, although I can see the spool center so just a few more strands to go.  I put it into the hoop to take the wrinkles out for the photo. 

It's midnight and today is my birthday.  A friend took me to the movies a day early, and we saw the Judi Dench movie.  We had a nice time.  We to a bar to talk after, and catch up on lots of life things.  And were both home by 6pm.  We went to a bar because I wanted deep fried mushrooms, bar food.  I had pop to drink, she had a beer, and we shared the mushrooms and talked.  Sounds pretty dull, but the movie was good, the mushrooms were good, and the conversation was good.   And we always try to go to the $5 early movie showings, but she was nice enough to buy my ticket, and she was nice enough to pay for the bar food.  Which sadly also makes her a better date as my friend then any man I have ever been with.  Oh well.  Happy Birthday to me.  

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Wonderful and Texture

Oh, this is another craptastic photo. 

It's one night of stitching and it's using that thicker Sulky 12 wt cotton thread on the 25 count lugana.  One over one.  This is WONDERFUL.
It is a very different result since the thread is thicker - it sits proud on the fabric.  It gives the design texture.  Which is interesting. 
Just as a note - I had tried this same thread on a 28 count months ago - it was a battle, and too thick of a strand, one over one.  Especially as you hit any area that was solid.  But on 25 count - and a 25 count that is still probably actually 25 count - not dyed and shrunken to be something else - this works - and it works beautifully. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

My Progress

This shows my progress, almost got the top half filled in and now I am wandering into the bottom half.  But for me to do this, I prefer to stitch it upside down, so I am still working from the bottom up, or the middle up.  I have no clue why.  Easier for me to count?  Something about building upward?  You do what works for you - this works for me. 
Okay, I laid the PTP Sand 28 ct lugana, next to the Laurel Green 28ct lugana.  It's just a nice neutral like Sand, but a bit darker.  I expected more of a hint of green, there is not really, but wanted something I could stitch white, cream, off-whites that would not disappear into the fabric color.   I got it for a small Plum Street Sheep pattern, and maybe Sarah Spurr from CHS.  More a note for myself than anything.  But it is a nice neutral at a reasonable price than a hand dyed fancy thing.
The floss in the photo really does give you an idea about scale on the Tapestry design.  It's not all that big.  

 This was the mail.  My one floss for the letters and words on the other pattern.  It came from the same place, so as good of a match as I can hope for.  Matching or not, I'm using it. 
The other floss are for the Salem 2 pattern.  The lighter fabric is for two projects, and then I wanted the red... it's called Victorian Red, it's 25 count lugana, it's supposed to be like DMC 814 in color.  I want to stitch Long Dog Samplers - The Token on it using white floss.  It's been a while since I stitched on dark - and that idea might suddenly change. So for my $27 order, there are several projects included in what looks like very little.   

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Still the Top Half

Back to Tapestry by Ink Circles.  Still working on the top half, and I am filling in the edges.  It seems like I am skipping around a lot, but I just grab a strand in a color and try to use it up.
The floss for the words pattern is floating in the mail system and will be here in a couple more days.
And it is three whole days into October and I have not ordered anything stitching...  yet. 

Friday, September 29, 2017


This is to the point of needing more floss. 
I did finish all the lighter text.  Then I finally put in the order for another skein.  I tossed a few more things in the cart, but not too much, the total order was $27.  I am really trying harder to spend less.  October will be a new month to try to spend less. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Just One Dark Floss

Well, this is how far you get with just one dark floss.  I have enough to stitch about 6 more dark letters, but I have 13 more dark WORDS to stitch, or 55 more dark letters.
I tried to do the right thing and went to the LNS for just the ONE floss.  She showed it in her inventory, but we couldn't see it on the rack.  So I remembered one other floss name I needed, so I got that while I was there, since she had tried to help me.
I figured it might be used on something else, and it is on that Tapestry pattern, but it's darker than the skein I am using, and I don't want to steal from a start.  It's also used on the 'Sampler' pattern from the mail stuff this week.  It's not started yet, I need daylight to tell for sure, but it looks like it might be close enough to use the skein from that.  Anything I ordered would be a random match or not match too.   (Nope, also too dark.)"
This is a pretty accurate photo.  That GAST Dark Chocolate does look nice on that PTP Sand fabric.  A masculine combination.  If I write it - I won't be thinking...  What was that combination again?, it seemed so obvious, why would I need to write it down?  Dark Chocolate is dmc 3371 but just slightly variegated.  It's just nice.  But doing it with just 3371 would work too. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Mail...

This was the mail.  Anything from this point forward should be less.
I sorted and kitted and put it away.  I then ordered the final Schoolhouse pattern and the wood piece.  So I am done ordering stuff for the Schoolhouse Series.  I know there will be the floss I still need, the orange fabric I still want to try.  But the bigger orders like the above are over.  Time to use it up and wear it out. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

not enough floss

To Laugh Often - Twisted Threads.
Using the two suggested GAST floss colors on Sand PTP 28 count lugana, one over one.

I wondered what this would look like on Sand, so I wanted to start it.  I didn't think it would take long.  I really don't think I am going to have enough floss, and if I am going to order more, from the same place again would be the best bet, and the sooner the better.  But I can't tell just how far this floss is off, I started with one of each, but I think I might need two more of the dark.  The center is where I started, the C in Appreciate.  And I am complete for those top eight text lines going to the side on the right.  And the next two lines are not complete, and there still are two more lines not even started.   And I'd still have the flip side to the left side, which I have not wandered very far into at all.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Code is Cracked...

This was the mail - and probably a direct result of watching stitching videos.  That tree pattern was lovely to see stitched in a video.  That middle one - oh, it's a biggie at 557 x 410 stitches, and I am an alphabet fan.  The Mermaids was the $50 - $80 on ebay pattern that you can still get for just $18.  from a couple stitching shops if you google search.  I ordered one more pattern, but it went backorder.
Okay, saying 'I am trying to hang in there' on a pattern must be code for - 'next time you will see something different'.  Ink Circles - Tapestry.  With the called for GAST flosses.  The bottom is the  center, the gold at the top is the top edge.  Stitched on PTP Sand 28 count lugana, one over one.  Should finish to be 7.1 inches square - that is a 7 inch hoop - so fill the hoop, plus the corners to make it square.  Easy Peasy...  The flosses are again showing a color difference in the photo - and in real life if you look at the floss - you can see - that is a blue, that is a green, but in a single thread - they look the same stitched next to each other.  The flowers petals are gray, which reads as almost pale lavender.  The floss is beautiful, but I have always been puzzled by this pattern.  Would I like it or not?  I like the fabric choice on Sand - which looks almost suede.  I've always wondered about stitching this in just a single color.  But decided to try the pattern first as written and see what I get .  Not enough here to tell yet. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Slowly - but hanging in there

 Still working on it.  The floss around the 13 is Weeks Terra Cotta.  And the fabric is Terra Cotta.  I was not sure it would show, but it does.  I discovered a counting error, but at this point, I'm not sure where, but the moon circle sits a row too low, but the rest of the math and borders  and words worked - so I don't really have a  clue, and even better, I don't care.  I am going with the theory - less is more...  so the plan is to drop a few things anyway.   I like it.  It is just going sort of slow. 
I said I did not want to buy random floss.  Even at a dime each.  Well....
I had to stop at Walmart - and last time I was there it was a dime other stores, but not this one.  So I looked this time - had to ask - and she pointed me to the clearance aisle.  It had not been picked over - so I just pulled what I liked.  I got 279 skeins.  Just under $30.  Once I had it sorted - there are 69 different colors.
So I had old actual floss bags - but they were kinda tacky - just old plastic I guess.  So I had heard you could use those food baggies in the snack size.   The length is a skein - so they fit nicely.  I put from 1 to 14 in each bag - but even at 14, it might have held a couple more.  I had the big metal center ring already from the floss baggies.  So I just took a paper hole punch tool and I punched a hole in each one.  It was not a clean cut - but stitching scissors make it easy to finish trimming out the holes.  So there are 279 floss all on one ring - filed by number.  Making it as easy as I can to check before just going to buy more.  I am so happy with the results of this.  I did actually shove them into the original floss baggies - but they had to be folded over, and it was bulky cause things were folded in the bags.  So it did not really fit on just a single ring.  So I pulled from all from the floss baggies, tossed them, and then used the food snack sized baggies.  And then not bulky at all.

One other thing.  On the Picture This Plus fabrics.  We are all puzzled about what a website photo will look like on the actually fabric that shows up at our mailbox.  I had ordered directly from Picture This Plus.  And I am ordering a lugana - and I know and understand - it's not going to look like that sample photo.  I'm fine with that - to a point.  But we ALL hate it.  So while on 123 Stitch, I have always known - on regular fabrics they say - like dmc number something - so you can at least get an idea.  But I was looking at the Ale - I felt it should have been darker.  So I looked on 123 Stitch, and thought maybe if I just buy the linen.  But when I looks up that fabric - it said the color, then it said - like dmc number...  And you think - yeah, but maybe it says the same for aida, or evenweave and linen.  But it does NOT do that - the dmc compare number for PTP Ale on linen, is different from the PTP Ale on lugana.  So I compared mine to that dmc number for lugana - and it is the same  So I looked up the linen version.  And there are two different numbers for lugana and linen, but they are really very close to my fabric.  Okay, I saw  one called Storm.  So I looked it up - it looked gray.  So it had the dmc compare numbers - so I looked them up - and they were blues, not grays at all.  But that was the only place I've seen with the dmc compare numbers listed with the PTP fabrics.  But like I said - different number for different fabrics.  But for the PTP fabrics that 123 Stitch is selling and stocking - it's obvious, they are trying to get the numbers right using the stock they have.  And it's still going to change from time to time - but if I am looking for a gray, and the dmc numbers are blue - it's a HUGE help right there.  I know they have been doing that on the other fabrics for a long time - but now - they are doing that on those PTP fabrics too.   Maybe making life easier trying to pick a fabric.  But unless you notice - you don't know.  And I was buying direct to get a certain color - so I had not been looking at the 123 Stitch fabric pages.  But I will be from this point forward on PTP fabrics. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

More dmc 310...

Good Grief, there is a lot of just dmc black on this.  But I put the skeins on there to show size. 
As I said before, I was looking for an orange - got this Terra Cotta, dmc 3064 basically.  But I looked again, on the 28 count even weaves - just not much to pick from.  So I tried the 25 count even weaves and I think one there is an orange that will work.  Only need a $6 cut to do two different projects.  There is also a Victorian Red that is supposed to be dmc 814  - which is a color I like, so a fabric of that color might be fun to play with - and all I need of that is a $6 cut. 

So this was the mail.  All lugana 28 count, PTP fabrics.  Top is Ale, left is Shadow, right is Lupine.  Lupine is not even close to a medium/dark rich brown on lugana.    I wanted the Shadow to be right - it is - the other two, I've tried for hours to say something nice - I can't.  Gonna leave it at that, go back to stitching.  I got my PTP sale fabrics, bigger cuts of other colors, they were fine.  But I have enough of the dyed fabrics at this point to keep me busy. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

That is not orange...

Oh, not the colors in real life again.

The fence part is halfway across - those stitches are about maximum for my comfort level of one over one.  That dying process shrinks that PTP 28 count just enough...   I'm going to hang in there.  The fence got started so I could tell which way was up.  I normally start in the lowest right, and this is the upper left, but if you saw my chart, it's upside down.  Allowing me to start, lower right and really be upper left.  Cause I am stitching it upside down.

But this week the mail brought small piece of fabric - under $3.  It's Terra Cotta 28 ct jobelan. 
I wanted to do the Goode Huswife pattern, Book of Spells.  Which would be an orange fabric.  So I ordered the floss and Terra Cotta, but it's not an orange, which is fine.  But one of the flosses in the pattern?  Terra Cotta.  So I decided this still might work.  And I wanted to spent some time filling in the black to be able to get to the other colors.  The black is all just the same skein of dmc.  Maybe I should have just gone with Queen Anne's Lace and away from the orange fabric.  So I still might do that.
It does not bother me to stitch something twice.  In my head it is stretching my stash.  But I'd prefer to not have versions on different fabrics all started at the same time.  Autumn on Bear Mountain was the exception.

Stitching is just playing with floss, fabric and patterns.  And using it to relax.  So I'm going to try the odd things from time to time.  Even knowing I might not like it. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Lost Floss Update

The LOST FLOSS - has been FOUND!!!

All those times I said I went thru the started projects - and I have several...  it was just put away with the Prairie Schooler Alphabet start. It was in a 7 compartment floss box.  I am sure I had 6 things started, and finally decided to put away 4 or 5, and the floss got put with what I thought it went with.

I am just glad to find it.  And I also found the floss color page of one deer pattern filed with the sampler of some girl name.  Clearly my filing methods need more work. 

There is something else I'm looking for in my house. And I know I did find that  a year or more ago, and then considered if I should keep it or not - or just toss it.  And I now want to find THAT - but if I put it away - it is not the obvious places, or it's behind and slightly hidden, but I also might have tossed it.  And nope, I can't replace it - I just get to look for it.  But I might have toss it.  At least the floss I knew was not tossed on purpose - this other thing - might have and now I'm on a fool's errand.

Oh, we all need a 'Fool's Errand' sampler.   That even sounds like a Long Dog Sampler name...
Squirrel!   Shiny Thing!!!    At least I can laugh about it.  And I found the FLOSS!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The missing floss...

The Adventures of the Missing Floss...
I even did that 'c' word....  'cleaned'.   Still no floss.  I vacuumed deep into the unseen folds of the sofa... I found a pen.  No floss.  I looked thru the stash a third or fourth time, thru the individual kitted patterns - nope.

And we all know the quickest way to find it - you go buy all the floss to replace the missing floss - times two - cause I need floss to do the version on the second fabric, and the missing floss goes with the first version on cream.  I was always gonna have to buy floss for a second one. 

So I bought floss - lots of floss.  I made a list - I went to Walmart to see if I could find some of that mythical 10 cent floss in numbers I needed for my patterns.  I am NOT gonna just buy random floss.  Even at 10 cents.  And I did get 35, and some needles.  I stitch with dmc needles - but they can vary in quality wildly - even these for 50 cents.  If you buy 50 cent needles - pay attention - some of the eyes were HALF the normal length.   I'd have cringed to pull out that needle - and see that was what I was going to have to thread - all the same needle I have been buying - but what you get in those packs from there - you never know.  I have gotten beautiful needles, and seen crap needles that are new and bent.  I have bought them direct from dmc - and they are beautiful needles - so I am always looking at them to know exactly what is in each package - cause it's never the same each time - not from Walmart it's not.  The package looks the same - the needle changes every time.  And I got the odd two packs that still had normal eyes - but probably the last time I look at needles there.  And floss for that matter.

Then I went to Michael's to fill out the list till I ran out of cash.  They had 20% off the order total - so 41 and 42 cent floss - after the discount.  I got 86 more floss there.  I'm still 40 short from finishing the list I made.  I might go back  - I'll be the woman paying with quarters and change.  I would just like to start something and finish it.  Even a floss list would do.  ** I did go get the rest of the floss.  Sorted and with the proper patterns.
And now that I have gotten the replacement floss - I'm expecting to find that missing floss.  In the dishwasher, the freezer, under the bathroom sink - just dropping from the sky.  If I shows up - you'll hear about it. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Just to Compare...

A few threads to compare the two.  It's brown, really.
And I looked for the floss, it should be with the pattern and the uncompleted first version after all.
Ha, ha, ha, ha....  yeah, the floss isn't there.  But since nothing seems to go very far, it's gotta be right here.
Grrrrr....  and I've looked twice thru the started basket, and thru the kitted basket.
It's here, somewhere, not split up into other things.  Certainly NOT put away.  Ha ha ha...  I don't even have to consider that I might have put it away.  Mostly I just wanted to check some of those leaf colors against the fabric color.  But no clue where the floss has gone, fallen behind the sofa...?  it's here and in a baggie.  There ARE 24 skeins of dmc for this, and I've obviously used some of them, in a baggie...
So I just stopped - Fine.  I'll take it as a sign from the world, to pick up and put away the other things.  Some of the charts I was thinking, they are small - not gonna make a copy - so I'm even fine with stopping to put away into separate zip lock bags.  And I look again - pull up the sofa cushions, look behind the sofa - I don't have pets, nobody has been in my house.  I've run out of piles near my stitching spot to look thru.   I looked thru the totes of material, thinking they got piled into that while looking for material for other projects...  nope to all of that.  A bag of 24 floss, not exactly a little thing.  Is it possible I tossed it - yep.  My wastebasket is near, if you drop a remote into it - it goes - ka-chunk, but a bag of floss....  covered by a tissue - a sack - might go un-noticed.
So - I HAVE black - so I guess I continue with black.  I'm not even gonna rule out ghosts or aliens.  In MY world - people think they can resell my grave and just move me...  Houses blow up next door to my friends.  People just pull into my driveway and climb up on my  roof.  And if I leave for a day, people mow my yard and cut my bushes.  Floss gremlins?  My projects never leave the house, ever.  So not in a car.  I don't even stitch in another room. Well, I'm gonna have to go buy a second set anyway to stitch it twice...  I don't even think it's on cards - but I can't remember.  Making me feel dumber if that is possible.
**  I just spent 3 hours sorting and organized a box of stitching things.  And still did not find it. **
It's clearly going to be a - no sharp objects near me - weekend.
But what this shows me - I have ENOUGH. 

Ready, Set, .......

Oh, this is not what you are expecting to see. 
I said I am going to stitch from my stash.  A plan for sure.  But slightly side tracked before I could do that.  I think you'll understand.
I needed a couple of things, and I'm sure as I stitch from stash, I'm gonna need a thread, a fabric, a something.  I'm good with that.  BUT - I did order the floss and an orange fabric for an out-of-print pattern.  A $20 order, but they were out of two of the floss.  So I went to my LNS, and figured $5 and I'm set.  Normally, her husband has been there, he runs the place alone some days.  Retired, but a man that is solid, tall, not overweight, but a big man.  So this time the shop owner woman was there, but she was talking to another customer about him, and I can tell something is off, she is saying she helps him get dressed now.  So I ask - she says, on Memorial Day - he fell off a deck, and he broke his neck, literally.  And also two bones in his wrist, and 3 ribs.  Then while at the hospital, he got an infection that started to kill off his skin on his side about pants waistband level.  So to stop that - they cut away layers of skin, 12-16 inches around him, and 6 inches wide.  Then they could skin graft once they had it stopped and clean edges again.  So they did that.  He was in the hospital for 3 weeks.  And now he is home.  He will recover from this, she explained the skin is healing.  Unlike some men, he is doing the things he is supposed to do.  I have no clue what the names of these people are - not friends with this shop owner - just a customer.  But I can help her if I buy something from her. 
So the next day, I know she has a fabric I was considering, I need anchor floss for a different design.  I go back today and get those things.
The black floss and the black fabric are from my stash.  The floss on the black fabric is for the Linen and Things monthly free patterns banner SAL.  I saw a colorway I loved - but the floss was discontinued.  She finally matched it to dmc and anchor.  I won't do hers exactly, but I like hers. 
The other fabric is PTP Shale lugana 28 count.  It looks gray, it's brown.  One of the flosstube people is stitching Autumn on Bear Mountain on Shale - looks gray in her videos - I debated,  I'm halfway on mine, on cream.  Did I want to stitch it twice?  I thought maybe if it looks like gray, and I like it - I should buy gray.  She keeps saying the colors pop on the Shale.  So that debate in my head is now over.  I'm stitching it twice - and I got the first thread of the border going. 

I've clearly lost my mind.  I watch a different video - the woman saw an ebay pattern she had never seen - normally $80, for $50, so she grab it for $50.  But I had seen that pattern at two other online shops - and considered it.  So I looked on ebay, and now it was $89.  I go to that shop website - and it's there for $17.50  I check the other shop - there for $18.  and people are paying $50, and $80 for a pattern that you can still order new for way less - so I ordered it, and three other different patterns. Maybe they don't really have it.  So I decided to order it and see. 

Monday, August 28, 2017


This is the first skein and the slight bit I have left of it.  So far, so good.  Just stitching the pattern.
This is the mail today, the Colour and Cotton sale floss.   Color is Black Currant.
But the weird part - it doesn't look like this photo.  I too see purple in this photo.  I'm saying that it is NOT the color this photo seems to show.  I buy things from photos other people show - so I am saying - it is NOT this color in real life.  It's is lovely, not whining,  not complaining.  I'm saying my camera has a mind of it's own.  Not a clue what I will use it for, maybe a mono-color Long Dog. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

And the next day....

Okay, this is my start on that book pattern, Marie - Lucie by Muriel Brunet.
Just for my info - Weeks Dye Works  - Merlot - one over one, on 28 count China Pearl jobelan.

Merlot from Weeks is pretty close to the Bandana from Classic Colorworks that I am using for Summer at Cherry Hill.  Mostly I just wanted to do the frame on this,  since it is a nice repeat and a no chart needed thing to do.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Thursday... and the book arrived...

 I got the french pattern book in the mail today that I ordered from Germany.    From Abebooks dot com.  
 This was the pattern that I wanted...  It was one day short of a month to get here.  Which was fine.  Looks like the price has jumped up now - you might find a better deal at a different seller.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It is a start...

A photo that looks nearly accurate -
It is just a start - from the stash. 
I like the different red.  But I used the suggested for the stems and the grass, and they say on the pattern to use the dark parts and to fussy cut to get that stem dark - but it is still too close to the grass color.  I am probably gonna have to change those stems in the grass area. 
On PTP Sand -but the luguna 28 version, not linen.  One over one. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's finished....

It's finished.  A wonky photo, but it is just my crap camera skills.  It used just the two skeins of each color of the 12 ply silk to finish.  But I am stitching one over one, on 28 count jobelan. 
There is just one mistake on the pattern.  On the first page - it's got missing stitches on a stem if you want all 8 flowers to match. 
Mostly I am just glad that it is done.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

And then there was just one...

And then there was just one more.

I'm trying to finish this one.  Widening it still appeals to me, but not right now.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just 2 More Parts

Just two more parts to go - one band, and that top repeat of the bottom area.
Ordered part 2 of the Schoolhouse series, and Life after Death, and a couple more charts.  I could not make up my mind about Life after Death.  I think the name finally got to me. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lower Half Done

Okay, finally the correct colors in the photo.  Shows the thread color Tulip correctly.  The next row above will be a repeat of the bottom flowers.  This is still the first floss of each color with just a couple strands left. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Five Bands Done

Five bands completed. 
The middle of that top completed band is the pattern halfway mark.  Gotta finish that corner yet. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Three Bands done

Three bands done... 
Mostly trying to figure out if I'll need more floss.  But I am using a red silk floss, and since I never bother to put one thing away before starting something else, I still have the other different red silk floss inches away in threaded needles for the Dragons of Sumatra pattern.  I'm clearly living dangerously and on the edge.  I'm old, this IS dangerous and on the edge enough for me. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Working on the Lower Half

Lower half of the pattern.  One band is done.  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Just for my records...

Mostly for my own information.
Garden Fair from Courtney Collection.
On 28 count Antique White Jobelan from Hobby Lobby.  One over one.
Using suggested Classic Colorworks Belle Soie Silk Floss in the color Tulip.
Started with quantity 4 - each are 5 yards - 12 strands.
Using a different Gloriana Silk in the color India Ink #103 for the dark.
Started with quantity 4 - each are 6 yards - 12 strands.
The plan is to do the pattern as charted - then see where I am on the floss used.  The plan was to buy twice the floss needed and then double the pattern design width.
14.357 inches long by 6.035 inches wide - or doubled to approx 12.07 inches wide
This floss was purchased at ABC Stitch.  But it will be the last purchase from them. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Filling In...

Crappy photo for some reason.
I am not sure about doing the grass, which is a straight stitch over three threads, using two strands.  If it's the only chart done that way - I won't, so that is gonna wait till I see more.
On the 'With Thy Needle and Thread' site, there is a lovely behind the scenes story about this series.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Clearly no reason...

Clearly no rhyme or reason to the parts and order I am stitching this in.  And completing an area is never needed before doing a different area.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Schoolhouse....

 I ordered the With Thy Needle and Thread - Summer Schoolhouse kit with the first pattern, floss and fabric.  It was supposed to be 28 count fabric, stitched one over one...
Finally a series that is to be stitched exactly the way I do stitch all the time, on a fabric that I'm just fine with.  This just doesn't happen.  And I understand, not whining, just saying that THIS ONE was clearly right into my comfort zone.  So I pre-ordered it.  It came yesterday.  So I pulled out the fabric, a long narrow cut - 9 x 55 - and it's cut wonky...  so I pull edge threads to get straight.  Now it's straight, but it's not 9 inches wide anymore.   It's 8 inches wide now. 
But it's a crap mistake to make from somebody cutting a lot of fabric and either they just did not care - or they didn't know how to cut stitching fabric. 
And I'll give you two thoughts to this - if there are 6 designs on four patterns, and you did them as individual things - then you'd cut as you went - and the fabric being wonky doesn't matter as much - you'd have it cut after less than 8 inches in length.  This pattern design finishes at 5 inches wide - so they are allowing a 2 inch side border on both sides.  Mine will just be a smaller border, but it's wide enough to easily work in my 7 inch hoop.  But in a length of 8 inches - you'd only pull a few side threads to square it up. 
But my idea was I have no clue what the rest of the patterns look like - so maybe it would work like a bellpull, long and narrow.  So I started it from the top, which I never do...  But actually, I just am starting from the top center, and stitching the pattern upside down.  Once you have a few landmarks, you can then flip it and stitch it right side up. 
Where there is a will, there is a way...
It's a lovely little pattern so far.  

And I stitched a little more of Salem Sisters 3. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It was Quick...

 Changed a few things, omitted the cats from the bottom.  In real life, that 'T' in the middle is hard to see unless you are at an angle.  I might need to stitch those boxed letters with the orange.  Calling it done for now.
This shows that I'm starting Salem Sisters 3 on the same fabric.  There is 4 inches between the two designs, giving you a better idea that the first one is not that big.  Not cutting the fabric just lets me put it in the bigger hoop when stitching smaller patterns.  Cameo Peach 28ct, one over one, using suggested GAST flosses.  Bottom photo might give a close idea of the actual fabric color. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back to a WIP....

 Went back to this one for a few days.  The frame was done before, so I was working on that top row from the bird over to the flower like circle thing. 
But tonight I HAD to start something different - this is Salem Sisters I from Plum Street Samplers on Cameo Peach jobelan, 28 ct, one over one.  Using Classic Colorworks suggested floss.  It's basically a brown/tan neutral fabric.  I ordered all three of the Salem Sisters charts, but only 1 and 3 shipped.  This one is supposed to finish at  4 x 4.5 inches.  So it will be quick. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Nicer Than The Photo

A Stitcher's Sampler from The Primitive Hare.
Finished.  On 28 ct Queen Anne's Lace, one over one, GAST Garden Gate, way more than 5 yards used.   
I made the border line the same on both side, fixed the 'feed' into 'fed',  altered a couple of other letters.  Finished size is 4.5 x 7 inches.  It's nicer than that photo shows it to be.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Sun Faded Effect

I pulled this one to start, and it has just been the nicest thing to stitch. 
A Stitcher's Sampler from The Primitive Hare.
The chart says - My Soul is 'Feed' with Needle and Thread.
Which was just enough to make me debate buying the chart... but I found the designer corrected version of the words on-line, so that it will read - My Soul is 'Fed' with Needle and Thread.   Then I ordered the chart.  And it would have been an easy fix, to just leave out the extra letter, making me really lazy.  
I'm using the GAST Garden Gate suggested, and stitching on Queen Anne's Lace 28ct jobelan, one over one. 
But the floss reads as sun faded for most of the stitches.  Look at that top row of bees, you get a couple of dark areas on the wings, but the rest reads as sun faded bees.   That sun faded effect is interesting.  Something I'd like to play with on other charts with this same fabric / floss combination.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Quick Finish

Another quick finish.
This is Primitive Moodkeep from Plum Street Samplers.  There are two patterns that are done into little pillows.  This is called 'Blessings to Thee'.  There is also another pattern with this one - and the reason for me to buy this pattern - it's called 'A Pox Upon Thee'.  But if I do that first - this one never gets done.  So I did the nice version first.  And it stitched up in a single day. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Calling it 'Done'

I'm calling it 'Done'.  Omitting the single stitch square border, the year, and initials.
If you put on a border like that, you are limited on the frame.  Without it, even a round frame would work.  Sometimes, simple works better. 

Finished about 5 inches each way at the wide points. 
Stitched one over one with the suggested floss on 28ct Dove Gray jobelan.  There is a slight variation in the photo of the Bayberry green floss in the leaves.  In real life, you can't really see it at all.  Changed that up and down line in the bowl to be darker.  Other than that - it's the pattern. 
It wasn't what I expected, it's different, but that's fine.  I have gotten several versions of the suggested wren fabric in  both cashel and lugana, and I liked the pattern photo, so went with a gray and not wren, which is much more brown. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finished Two More

The second ABCD from La-D-Da.
Stitched with GAST Buckeye Scarlet.  One over one, on Dove Gray 28 ct. 
The purple one is also GAST, but just called Limited Edition. 
Went back to finish this one.  'It's Halloween', from Foxwood Crossings.  Stitched with the recommended fabric, 28ct Cyprium Cashel and WDW Onyx.  One over one.  And my first time stitching on cashel.  It's placed odd on the fabric, I thought I had room to do it twice.  But I plan to just fold it over and finish by stuffing it.   I bought another piece of this same fabric after seeing it stitched over two - but doing it once was fine for now.  It's done.  Proving I can go back and finish something.  Which is kinda the plan at the moment. 

But then there was this.... see right there in the middle????
This was outside in the dark - this is all with a camera flash.  Right there in the middle of the picture.  It seemed HUGE.  I've seen what I call corn spiders - hate those, and then I see this - in the dark you could see the outline.  I stepped inside to grab the camera, and there was another spider about the size of a dime on the wall, I swatted him, and have to clean the wall now.  But I wanted a photo to show scale - so the regular width of a front step and  hand railing...  it's bigger...  but I got some closer photos, and the head reflects, or glows in all the photos.

Not a clue why the camera flash reflects.  Not like it's got a single shiny tooth.
I ended this with a shot of spray bug killer.  I don't mind one - but the thought of this one with a breeding partner - nope.  It's not just a single edited photo, no, it's all different photos.  Once I hit it with the bug killer he ran to the crevice between the step and the sidewalk.
Mostly meaning I'm not gonna be parking my butt on these steps this summer.  That thing is big enough to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to move over...  I've been kinda waiting to hear the - tap, tap, tap, on the front door, and it asking - Hey - why did you spray me?  And to be there with a dozen more friends behind it.