Sunday, February 26, 2017

Couple of Days...

Just a couple of days into this one so far...
Kathy Barrick's Autumn on Lazy Bear Mountain.  On Ivory 28 count jobelan, one over one, dmc floss.  I just wanted to start it, do the frame, see how the colors worked together.  This is the right half basically.  Looking at this, I realize where I stitch next makes no sense. 
I have to do paperwork, and clean the house, and that means lots less stitching...  starting tomorrow. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Exactly how to lose a Paying Customer

Filling in on this one continues...

Today is a week since I emailed the other designer and asked about missing stitches on her pattern.
She told me she'd get back to me in two days...  it's now been seven days - and I sent her the photo showing exactly where I was talking about... 
The Heart's Content is that designer. 
That's been MY customer experience.  
If I have to email her repeatedly to beg again and again...  that's not a pleasant stitching experience.  But it is a way to lose a customer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


It really seems like there should be more done.
I haven't heard anything more about the missing stitches on the other pattern.
And I was reading the facebook page of yet another designer, and she left a bad taste in my mouth, so I'm going to need some time before picking up that other large project again. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Stitching Along...

Stitching along...

Nice to stitch the quilt blocks.
I felt like I must be nearly half done - and then I see the photo and laugh.   Not remotely close to half.  It's a little more than 8.5 inches square when completed.

Friday, February 17, 2017

This week....

This is how far I got when I hit the straw that broke me.

And as women know - it's always something small and stupid that can be that final straw.  
The pattern is just missing a section of stitches on the pattern.   I looked for a page for corrections - there is none.  So I emailed and begged for the missing section of stitches.  I don't like to do that.  It's an older pattern, I'm not the first person to hit this.  
** She emailed me in just a few hours and says nobody has ever brought this up...  she will check into it and get back to me in the next couple days.  
 So I tried to shift my mind - pick a new pattern, a new plan, a new attitude.  I wasn't sure what to pick, so I figured I'd just get stuff to do borders and outlines for several patterns, and I made a list of a couple patterns to go get dmc the next day.  But that changed by morning, and I decided to do that for four patterns, and then I got confused... So I checked out and had 48 skeins of dmc...  48 for just outlines and basics?   I had to have messed up...  But I felt better, and I sorted it out, cut some fabric, and felt lots better.   So I started this one - Little House Needleworks - Orchard Valley Quilting Bee.   I'm enjoying it, but I've messed up and tried to put a line row right into the center quilt area.  But I didn't get too far before catching it and feeling dumb. 
Ivory jobelan, 28 count, dmc floss. 

And I cut some of the same Ivory jobelan 28 count to do the Kathy Barrick pattern, and start those borders if I got sick of, or didn't like the other one. 

And this is where the stitches are just missing - see how those green loops link to air?  Something obviously not there...   They don't even link to each other.  But the rest of it does link - it's just missing a section.  Something...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Idea Stage

 This ended up in the hoop.  And this is the first skein of dmc floss completed.  Heart's Content, Splendor XX Romance.  But the plan is to do the the border, and the angels, and outline the banner.  Just in this much, there have been probably 30 pattern errors.  I know it happens - but..
And hers is personalized with initials that I'd change, but I don't know to what yet, so it's just filling in parts I know I want to keep.  28 count china pearl jobelan, and dmc 814 floss.  It's about 9.75 inches square.  I know it's not going to last long in the hoop.  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Calling it done.

I'm calling it done.
And yep, I changed a few things, and omitted a few things.  But I'm ready to move on, and it's just going into a stack of finished but not framed, and probably never will be framed.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Still Plugging Away At It

I am still on this...
My excuse is I got sick with a cold, the flu, something.  
I am trying to get back to a budget this month.  But tonight I was looking for a cross stitch pattern that is now out of print I guess...  and then I found it.  Old stock, and half price at that.  So I looked more... and found a few more things half off...  and then it said in just hours, the football sale would start, and it would be 20% MORE off...  so I waited...  and shopped...  and if you picked which team wins that SuperBowl game - if you get it right - it's free shipping...    Oh, that's a deal worth playing...  So at midnight, I placed my order.   And now I actually care about who wins that stupid football game.  It's worth $11 in shipping if I guessed right.  The sale is at Stitches n' Things...  but only good till that football game starts.  **
**  I guessed the right team.