Friday, February 17, 2017

This week....

This is how far I got when I hit the straw that broke me.

And as women know - it's always something small and stupid that can be that final straw.  
The pattern is just missing a section of stitches on the pattern.   I looked for a page for corrections - there is none.  So I emailed and begged for the missing section of stitches.  I don't like to do that.  It's an older pattern, I'm not the first person to hit this.  
** She emailed me in just a few hours and says nobody has ever brought this up...  she will check into it and get back to me in the next couple days.  
 So I tried to shift my mind - pick a new pattern, a new plan, a new attitude.  I wasn't sure what to pick, so I figured I'd just get stuff to do borders and outlines for several patterns, and I made a list of a couple patterns to go get dmc the next day.  But that changed by morning, and I decided to do that for four patterns, and then I got confused... So I checked out and had 48 skeins of dmc...  48 for just outlines and basics?   I had to have messed up...  But I felt better, and I sorted it out, cut some fabric, and felt lots better.   So I started this one - Little House Needleworks - Orchard Valley Quilting Bee.   I'm enjoying it, but I've messed up and tried to put a line row right into the center quilt area.  But I didn't get too far before catching it and feeling dumb. 
Ivory jobelan, 28 count, dmc floss. 

And I cut some of the same Ivory jobelan 28 count to do the Kathy Barrick pattern, and start those borders if I got sick of, or didn't like the other one. 

And this is where the stitches are just missing - see how those green loops link to air?  Something obviously not there...   They don't even link to each other.  But the rest of it does link - it's just missing a section.  Something...

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