Friday, March 31, 2017

At the corner....

Getting ready to start the corner.  22 more stitches gets me to the edge.
It's laying on a white paper or envelope.  I wanted to show that the material is much darker than it seems in photos. 
I am going to do all the border - since I might run out of floss - I'd rather have to shotgun in the middle a bit if I am short and do end up with a dye lot that is off. 
This photo includes the material and pattern I was waiting on.  Foxwood's - It's Halloween.  I LOVED the text.  Which is....   Lock your doors, and turn out the lights, Or ghosts and gobblins will spook you tonight!  Jump in your bed, pull the covers up tight, close your eyes, until the morning is light.
Fan of graveyards - grave stones - but not Halloween.  I turn off the lights and hide from the kids coming to my door.  I go to bed and try to avoid it all - so this does hit close to home for me.  

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