Thursday, March 2, 2017

Even Better

I haven't touched the paperwork or organized anything. 
I did stay under my budget for February.  I've been out of the house and running errands which is a good thing for me.  There is a deal that if you donated blood, you'd get a free long sleeved t-shirt.  Hey, I'll give blood to get a free shirt.  Then I decided to give away the shirt to a friend.  Her son is doing chemo, and he is using blood products now and then.  I'd almost forgotten about the free shirt offer, figured I missed it.  But they had just three more days with the shirt offer, and I asked about an open appt...  and he had one opening in an hour.  Just enough time to go home to get a short sleeve shirt and then come back. 
So I'm thinking I was at the right place, at the right time.  That it was supposed to work out.  And lots of things worked out like that for me today.  Which made it a good day.  And I'll finish it with a needle in my hand.  Even better. 

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