Monday, March 27, 2017

The first day for this one

Yeah, like a kid, I just couldn't  wait...
This is that Ink Circles - Dragons of Sumatra.
28 count Jobelan, color Natural - Light.  One over one.  Floss - Gloriana #062 Cranberry silk

This photo is off colorwise.  The fabric is the color of cardboard.   I was going for the effect of blood symbols on a cave wall.  The patterns says 25 yards of floss used - but I have only 24.  But I am one over one, and she was one over two.  This is 1.3 yards of floss so far.  So if I am short - it will be less than the amount I have stitched so far.  But also does not allow for any frogging.  The fabric and floss were in my stash.  This is one day of stitching.
And later today I'll  get the fabric I am curious about.   Starting this was really not the plan at all.  Mostly because I had no clue what fabric/floss I'd use.  But this - this is different for me.  But it doesn't look that different in this photo for sure. 

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