Monday, April 17, 2017

DMC Floss Color Card -

Here's the link again...

DMC Floss Color Card - with REAL FLOSS SAMPLES

$24.99 with free shipping for orders over $20  - so free shipping.

I ordered two - one alone, another with needles.  Ordered them last Wednesday afternoon, and they arrived the following Monday in the mail.  Both of them, same day.
If you want to see what exactly you get for the samples of each of the colors - here is my photos.

That's exactly what you get - the blacks and variegated shows twice in my photos, but I want to show the last page with the specialty threads next to the others. 

There are times I think - I'd love to stitch this in a dark brown - but which one?  The reds I know - but sometimes you hit something you need to change - but to what is always the question.  Or the floss matched the fabric- is there a darker that is the same color family or is that the darkest?  Before it was a puzzle or dig out the floss.  Now - even on fabric they will say - it's like a dmc color number...  So I'd have to go dig out the floss - and I'd never have that color... so I still didn't know about the fabric.  Now I can just grab the card - write down the fabric numbers, and compare...  that's too yellow - too orange - that's perfect or close to what I'm wanting...  And before they were hanks of each color - that frayed - but these won't do that. 
And standing in a store in front of the dmc rack - the lighting is different than in my stitching spot.  I can love it in the store, and it looks dull and different when I get it home.  Stupid store lighting.  I understand not everybody needs or wants one, but I certainly did.
But for $25 - I'd maybe want to see exactly what it looks like.  So now you know. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

Mine arrived in Monday's mail as well! I have this version and I have the 1986 version. While the 1986 version doesn't have all the colors, I think I prefer its format over the current version.