Sunday, May 28, 2017

And the stitching is done...

Laying next to each other...  the larger one is 4 x 4.25 inches.
And the smaller ones are 2.5 x 2.75 inches each.
Finished.  Threadworks Primitives - Never Fading.
Used suggested  GAST floss.   Stitched on 28ct Bone jobelan, one over one. 

Only one thing I'd have wanted to know if I was considering buying this pattern.  If you plan to only stitch the larger design, then it only uses three colors, not four.  It uses 'Blackboard' for all the dark, but not 'Otter Creek'.  But the smaller one used "Otter Creek" for the dark parts, but not 'Blackboard' at all.  The gray is barely used - like two single strand lengths per item....  any gray would have done... or even a red or flower color of your choice...  The only change I made was to stitch the star in a different color on second fob.  And on the large one the star is filled in with the gray, but I liked it fine without filling it in.

But it was a simple nice stitch.  I liked the look of it, still do.  But at $2.40 a floss - I'd wanna know.  I could have used a simple black dmc - but I'll admit, I like the 'Blackboard', and I stitch with black ALL the time.  So I don't have a problem paying for that fancy black even, - but the gray - or finding out I'm not even using the "Otter Creek' cause I only want the large design...  yeah, I'd have never bought their patterns again...  It was totally random I decided to stitch the fobs, and stitched them first.    

Thursday, May 25, 2017

That Floss Site...

Okay, the floss in the photo yesterday is from Colour and Cotton.  Color is 'Quarter Horse'
And I'd say that's a good name, and description. 
Link to her site - Colour and Cotton
I would have taken another photo, but I would never do the color justice.  So go look at her site.  There is a pop up saying you can sign up for email and get 10% off your first order.  But there is also a 'rewards' program, and if you sign up for that you get 50 'points'.   So if you have 50 points, you can get a 20% off code - saving 20% off your first order, not just 10%.  Her floss is 8 yard skeins, not the usual 5 yards for variegated floss.  And it's colorfast - so won't bleed.  She is dying dmc floss. 
It's $2.25 per skein, but I used that 20% off, so I paid $1.94 each, including delivery.  Her delivery charge was $2.97.  You can't 'combine' offers.  You can use points to get free shipping, but not free shipping AND money off.  Pick one.  I used the 20% off - I ordered 22 skeins - a charge of $49.50 plus shipping, but the 20% off meant $9.90 off - so the bill was $42.57 including shipping.  Or $1.94 per skein.

That pattern is called - PeliCan.  So probably a pelican.  But the plan is to stitch it facing like in the pattern, and then flip the image, and make him face the other way.  I did that once before  - photo HERE - that is the plan for Pelican and Knightmare (black on gray).  And the reason for buying 22 skeins of floss.  I laid it on lugana fabric - Doubloon is nice - so is Legacy and Sand.  All PTP fabrics. I did do the math - it will be 13. 75 inches wide by 11.25 inches tall on 28, one over one.  But stitching it twice, I need enough fabric to do that.  So I'm still debating a few things... But I'm right there with you - I'm wanting to see where that goes too... 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Quick Small Stitch

This is just a quick stitch.  So nice I'm stitching it twice.  That and it fits on the scrap twice.  Approx 2.5 x  2.75 inches   28ct Bone Jobelan, one over one, suggested floss.
Stuff in the mail today.  Floss I wanted for this...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Filling In

Still filling this one in.  The bird tail is on the next page.
And then spent part of a night on this one filling it in.
( At least I did not move onto something different. )

Thursday, May 18, 2017

In go the stitches, out come the stitches,

On the bowl, that little up and down line is just disappearing in real life.
So... It needed to be that darker floss...
But I had to pull it all out and then go darker.    So I did.
And this will be better.  I'm using the recommended floss.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A little fabric, a little floss...

I had gone to buy the fancy floss to get the moon color to have some variations in it.  And I stitched part of it in, slightly less than is shown above - but the floss just blended into the fabric way too much, so I frogged it out and went with the dmc 745.
But I needed a break, so I wanted to try the LaDDa pattern on the Dapple cashel.  But I had to restart it three times to get me this far.  And I was frustrated with the fabric again...  It's beautiful, but stitching it one over one - is sort of a job, not a relaxing thing.  But this is just playing with it for a single evening.
 So I took another day to play with it again, on Dove Gray 28 ct jobelan.  And I did not have to unstitch, it was relaxing.  Maybe the fabric shrinks just enough in the dying progress to cross me over into a something I can't stitch on comfortably.  Or something I can't quite get the floss to lay flat on.  Over two might be the answer.  But so is just a plain 28 count fabric.  And maybe it's the cashel - is just not evenweave enough - I need to try the 28 count dyed lugana yet.   Maybe a dyed and shrunken 25 count gets me a 28 count after shrinking.  I know trying to stitch over one on a 32 count was just as frustrating as this is - so I'm suspecting it's a fine line of a thread laying flat for me or not, and still wanting to stitch one over one to keep the overall project size to something smaller - which will immediately double in size if I start to stitch one over two.  Learning what works and knowing it's a person by person answer is part of this.  It's just playing around with fabric and floss.  If I let it frustrate me too much, it's not going to be fun anymore.  So both of these are just a night of playing around.  A little fabric and some dmc to see what it looks like. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

End of the Second Day

At the end of the second day the border is finished.  And I went to get more floss.  I know it looks like it's missing parts - that's the pattern.  Using mostly dmc and just two or three Gentle Arts.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

First Day on This

This is one day on Blackbird Designs - Midnight Watch. 
On 28 count coffee jobelan, one over one, using dmc floss to start.  This is just two colors so far.  The fabric is much darker and the camera flash washed out the color completely. 

It is a pattern I've been wanting to stitch - I'd worked on a Wip for a day, and I'm just not getting along with that fabric, so this was nicer fabric and more relaxing to work on.  A nice way to spend a rainy day.  And I got three corners done.  It's 4.5 x 8 inches, so not all that big.  Envelope size. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

A is for the word - Almost...

ABC Lesson by Lizzie Kate - a kit of pattern and floss.  On 28 count lambswool, one over one. I got this one and the Marriage pattern kit this year, and I finished them both.  So while ordering something else, I tossed a third version of this into my cart.  At least I seem to finish these. 
A photo of them laying next to each other.  ABC is 5 x 7 finished and Marriage is  4 x 6.5 finished.

Oh, I have a letter 'a' in the word 'Understand' that is missing most of it.  I'll do that now...  But I'm not taking photos again...   
I'd have rather wrote - A is for Aw, Crap. But the pattern and floss are just feet away - and fixing it now is fine.   ** I fixed it, and now it IS done.  Hooray!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Still on that....

A week later and this is coming along...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Un-Stitch - Un-Stitch - Un-Stitch - Un-Stitch

You don't really need to see a photo - trust me.

So on the Let Freedom Ring - the stiffness of the fabric was just driving me crazy, and I knew it would bleed if I tried to wash out some of the sizing, starch, whatever that is...  it's like elmer's glue once it's wet....  but I washed it in the sink - and yeah, it did bleed onto all the white railing stitches...  so if you do that at the end - we'd just call it overdyed.... but since I didn't have the railing done - it's got to be removed and stitched again.. but now those stitches are dyed that same color as the fabric.... making it take a little longer to be careful....  and I have most of them out, the fabric is now tighter, a little more easy to get into a hoop, and I learned - wash it BEFORE the first stitch.

So I didn't want to do that till it had a hole - so I grabbed that Diva pink to try the Sulky floss.  It's a pattern that looks like lace.  I stitch just half the width - and three rows - but it's too thick as one over one, on 28 count -  the stitches were only in groups of 5 - and not laying flat, and other areas are 100 stitches - it's not going to work for this.   If you have a stem of just a couple stitches - it would be great, but not for this...  and that's fine - it was a test...  so I pick it all out.

I start again with white dmc, again, just half the width - I'm making it fit the space - not the pattern...  But I get to three rows up,and I find I have skipped a thread.  So it's 169 rows - I'm going to just start over, rather than have a blob in the lace edge...  So I pick it all out.

And I start over...  this time I get to row 5 and I have not skipped at thread like last time - no this time I didn't skip a thread, and I'm off again....  So I pick it all out for a third time....

So I could have taken a photo - but there are no stitches on it yet...

So then I needed away from that - so I picked up my other Lizzie Kate...  I'd already split the fabric when I did the other one - so it was ready to stitch.  And so far, so good.  I've got 10 words stitched...